Thursday, April 22, 2010

Co. Incentive Trip to HK!!!

It's been almost a week since I last updated my blog and I am writing a post now cos I definitely won't be free to do so the next 4days.....
Cos tmr at 4.40am, I will be at Changi Airport T3 with the rest of my colleagues, to get ready to board a UA flight at 645am, to Hong Kong!!!
Yes, to Hong Kong once again... And I have actually just went with Bffs last July....
But I don't mind HK, really... It's more or less like Singapore... hopefully cooler weather (right now) and kinda look fwd to the nice food too!!!
Been to HK 3 times, but usually staying either about 1 or 1.5days in HK only... So many places I still don't have a chance to visit, like the Ocean Park, HK Disneyland, Lantau Island etc.. But at least I've went to The Peak and visited Madame Tussauds during my first trip to HK in 2007....
First time in 2007, went to HK/Shenzhen, 2008 went HK/Zhuhai and last year 2009, to HK/Macau... Only this time, it's 3 full days in HK!!! Heee... But still, doesn't seem to be alot of free time... But hoping that we're able to go to Lantau Island to visit the Giant Buddha!!!

Gotta finished up with the rest of my packing after work later... Still contemplating if I should bring boots cos it seems that there weather is getting warmer.. I HATE the heat... Well, shall decide again tonight then... HK, here I come..... =)


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