Thursday, April 01, 2010

CNY 2010

I love CNY, simply cos it's our main festive season where we get to eat lotsa cny goodies & great meals and not feel guilty about it... We also get to find the "excuse" to shop for new bag/clothes/shoes etc... And another important thing is still able to collect lotsa ang pows being in the status of a single (for my instance, meaning unmarried)... heee...

CNY Eve - Family Reunion Dinner
The nice & delicious Yu Sheng from Sakae!
The "Boys" =p
The "Girls" =p Our view of the fireworks from the living room.. It's bigger than it seemed as captured on camera.. ;)
Day 1 - Visits to Maternal Grandma's

Home - (Partial)Family Picture

Paternal Granny's Place (my neighbour! LOL)
Day 2 - Uncle George's (Designer)Home

Day 3 - Aunt Alice's House
Okay, im so looking fwd to next year's CNY oredi.... LOL


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