Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Moi Birthday Celebrations 2010 (Part 2)

2nd Oct: Had a gathering with the Shuqunian-buddies for hig-tea at JP Kushin-Bo, before we head down to other bday-gal-Jessica's house for a movie-drinks-and-cake-cutting-session!! Really LOVE the Chanel Chance perfume that they gave me!
Special Thanks to Bff-KP, Feb, Robot, YJ, Dyke, MH & Goh!!! =)
4th Oct: Got a bday dinner treat from the "small-boi", @ one of the MOST FAV buffet place -- Carousel!!! *HAPPY MUCH*
5th Oct: Met up for lunch @ Mont Calone wif Ced, the BEST ex-colleague-turned-buddy & he gave me a pressie nicely wrapped wif pink wrapper & cute ribbon! Srsly, I still didn't know what he gave me as the wrapping is so nice that I can't bear to unwrap it! Haaaa!!!!
6th Oct:
The generous treat from The Bosses @ Captial Twr, China Club, with the Admin Gals!! We got a private room & had a great view while enjoying the sumptous lunch!!! My Boss was so cute lor, order "Shou Tao" for me!! LOL.... My other Boss, lagi cuter... Went to buy the famous banana-pie as my bday cake!! But it's REALLY YUMMILICIOUS!!!! =p
Some of the colleagues decided to buy me drinks @ this nice bar opposite our office building... I was made to down a 'submarine' & another 'I-forgot-wat-it-is-already' drink, on top of the 2 glasses of wine! =)
And not forgetting these useful Tangs Shopping Vouchers from my lovely Admin gals... And a generous dinner treat (on actual day-7th Oct) from the BEST "uncle PBT", at 'No Signboard' Vivo, after our movie session!!!

My birthday falls on a work-day so was given off-day, which was a Thursday... So... Naturally.... It's MAMBO-nite for the Bday celebration, just like last year!!! But this year was "quieter", not many ppl made it for the MAMBO-nite Party, but nonetheless, really appreciate those who took time to come & join in the FUN!! Luv em' all!! =D Special Thanks to: Bff-KP, YY, Panda & Lon! Also to Dan Dan, who never fails to be ONz!!! Oh and also thanks to "uncle Tay & friend" (didn't manage to take a pic wif them)!

12th Oct: Dinner with the Best Poly-Buddies @ Marche, Orchard 313.

I ate SOOO much that I thot I was gonna "explode"!!! But reali love their parma-ham-&-cheese-pizza! I had like half of it cos the rest were too full oredi!!
How not to get fat lei!!! =p

Er Jie gave me a Tiffany & Co necklace which I really love! Xiaomei gave me a KATE eye shadow with lovely colours & the rest got me a sweet Swarovski ribboned necklace, to pair off wif my chomel ribboned-earrings my cousie gave me for my last bday! They remembered! So sweet isn't it?? =)

How not to feel blessed, with so many great peeps around me... I have not accomplished anything great in life (yet), but having all these right now, are more than I can ever ask for... I luv my FAMILY, friends and ALL of u nice peeps ard me! a BIG hug & thank you! =)


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