Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TW Holiday 2012: 9-15 Feb

It's has been more than a month since me & Bff are back from our holiday trip to Taiwan.. But we are both still missing the place SO much!!! So much that we are already trying to plan another trip to Taiwan again!!! But probably to visit other places like Kao Hsiung, Tai Chung, Ali-Shan etc... This trip, other than staying in Taipei, we visited Hua Lien, Cing Jing and HeHuan-Shan... Totally missed Cing Jing the most... It's so scenic there, so peaceful, so relaxed, cooling, serenity feel..... Wooh... Just typing these now makes me think and miss the place terribly!!! =(

Well.... Pictures speaks a thousands words.... Some consolidated pics from the trip.....

Fav Bubble-Tea! A MUST-HAVE! =)

Visited another of Jay's restaurant this trip.. Main focus of the restaurant are on Tofu-dishes... Not too bad actually...

Had a short but nice dinner-cum-dessert catch up session with Wendy on our third day in Taipei... Missing her oredi...

Our 4th Day was spent at Hualien. Took a train ride there in the morning and stayed one night at a 民宿... We were lucky to be given the attic room since it was vacant! The room's cosy with a small little balcony... Nice.... We even went cycling to the "Rocky-Beach"!

Then the next day our hired-driver came to pick us up to drive us to Cing Jing, but we had a tour up to 合欢山 for sight-seeing and photo-taking session! Didn't see snowing thou... But at least we get to feel the snow on the ground and enjoy the coldness!

We spent our last day of the trip back in Taipei and as we are taking the evening flight, we made prior reservations to have lunch at the Hello Kitty Restaurant! Everything's so pink, so sweet, so cute! Wished we had just went ahead to buy one of the Kitty cakes back to S'pore!!! =)

Coincidentally, I was so dressed to the kitty-coloured-theme!! Heeeeee....
[Had to crop away the head cos the photo was kinda blur and my face was like distorted.. =( some ppl might tink it's unlucky to crop photos, but personally, I don't reali bother abt such... =P ]

Had plans to head back to TW again end this year with The BFF again... We had plans to countdown overseas for a change & thought it might be good to go back to TW for the countdown!! Planning, planning, planning.... Am so excited for end year to come! =)


At 4:32 PM, March 29, 2012 , Blogger Nath said...

got my bubble tea from the same shop @ TW was well :D

At 2:11 PM, April 04, 2012 , Blogger Xiaoxin ... said...

ah! the hello kitty place is cute!!!!


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