Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Birthdays Outings!!!!!

October is really a very hectic month... with work, birthdays, outings, etc....

Firstly, I wanna say I had quite 'subtle' birthday celebrations this year.... Mostly were just relaxing dinner/chill out sessions.... =D But it's just as great, I enjoyed myself throughout these few weeks of celebrations... Am looking forward to another session with the Poly-Buddies tmr atWild Honey @ Scotts... Recommended place by er-jie.... Can't wait to try their eggs benedict!
Doesn't it just looks SO YUMMY!!!!

Then there will be another catch-up session with "the sistas" before I fly off to...... Beijing!!!!
They are such a sweet bunch, they actually arrange for this to be sent to my house on my actual day (Sun 7th Oct)!!! Am so touched! =)

Yea, in another 6 days, I will be off to Beijing with the Team!!! Am so looking forward to the COOL weathere there!!! Singapore's weather is really a killer! -___-

Anyways, my first time to China, Beijing... We will get to visit places like....

Great Wall - standard place that most ppl will go, esp when it's first time to Beijing...
And Forbidden City... Everyone say it's a must-go..... Shall see.....
Am also curious to see how's the nightlife in Beijing... Hmmmmm.....

Today's my dearest Godma's birthday! Myay she be blessed with the best always! =)
Gonna be going down for Dim Sum later!! =)


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