Monday, April 23, 2012

Serious Hair-Woes!!!

My hair's in a mess, very huge mess... Ppl kept telling me to please go and do something to my hair... I wanted to, but I'm lazy to... Haaaa... Permed my hair again only in Sept last year... Didn't really wanna do anything to my hair yet.... But seriously, it's in a very bad mess... A pic at the end of this entry would show how bad it really is! =p

Maybe I should just go back to having straight, easy to manage and "healthier-looking" hair.... But friends told me it would make me look abit boring and lose "my style"... Didn't really get what it meant, but I supposed it's something that isn't bad... =D

Or maybe to cut it shorter then straighten it.... But then shoulder length hair is one of the hardest to maintain... Given my laziness, I'll probably be in a worse shape than now... =S

I'd really like to learn how to tie my hair this way..... It looks kinda neat & cool ya... ;)

Actually, I kinda like "big" hair... Messy look... "Big" hair makes my face look smaller.... LOLx!!!

Well, I actually kinda like big, messy hair... I'm werid, i know... I guess maybe I'll just leave it as it is... For now..... =O

See! This is really how bad it looks... Muahahahahah..... Alright, I know it really looks damn terrible... Well.... Lemme go on my Bkk/Phuket holiday this weekend already, when I'm back then I'll think of what to do... =)


At 8:45 AM, May 03, 2012 , Anonymous Iriene said...

Wow, you have tried many styles ...
the 2 top photos you look like a diva, an actress the looks :)
I believe your hair now still can be save by hair stylist, they will know what best for you. Not that bad but you need some trim perhaps ...


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