Thursday, May 10, 2012

Serious Hair Woes!!! (Part II)

I have finally (!!!!) made an appt at the Salon for this Sunday afternoon... I MUST do something to my horrible looking hair!!!! =P

Kinda still deciding what to do... Had though of just rebonding it..... First & second pic from left was taken during CNY last year when I had my hair rebonded for a couple of months already.... Then the rightmost was taken during Co Trip to Taipei last Apr... The hair's oredi going outta shape.... But I actually tolerated it until Sep then I went to perm....
When I just permed my hair and rebonded/trimmed my fringe (left pic), it looks decently nice.... But now after 8months, my hair looks kinda out of shape and messy... Plus it's really really dry!! (right pic) 
Saw this pic my fren posted on her blog... This hairstyle looks nice & light! Wonder if I should just take the leap and chop off my tresses.... Hmmmmm... D
But well, this Sunday I shall decide... But I still have the feeling that I'll most likely just rebond it! Afterall, it's the easiest... LOL... Probably colour/highlight my hair as well, if the hair stylist said it's ok... Let's see how it goes then... =)


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