Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Impulsive Shopping "Disorder" >> Bargains up for grabs!!!

I have a problem... Not too serious one thou'.... But still, it somewhat is affecting me quite significantly... Esp... My POCKET!!!!

Okay, alot of ppl love shopping... more so for a gal!!! And me, definitely "guilty" of excessive shopping... But what's worse is, I usually buy on impulse and I like to buy clothings without trying... And in the end, what happen?!?!?!

When I finally have the time (or remembered) to take out new clothings to try, I realised they:
i) doesn't fit me at all (most cases are where they are TOO small)
ii) actually not quite my style

And so, I end up with alot of new stuffs which I "archived"... =X

I tried getting a booth at Flea Mkt once in awhile, but still, I end up clearing some, but buying more at the same time... =___=

The other problem is I didn't really have the time (or rather the mood), to clear/pack stuffs that I don't use/can't fit, and in most cases, are totally new pieces!

Anyways, I finally got me some time to sort out some of "these stuffs"...


The following blouses can fit a standard M size lady:

I really love these 2 blouses with "owl-print" (my fav!), but sadly, they are too small for me.. Blame myself for not trying but just kept buying... =(
They are better fitted for S size towards M size:
The following shorts (cotton material) are for size 28 ladies:

This is brand new, direct from US, going for S$250. [Item SOLD]

This Mont Blanc pen was bought last Sept, still with warranty for about a year...
 Please refer to the below links, where you are able to gauge the pricing of this pen.



Anyone keen on any items (buy, exchange etc..), just feel free to email me, should you have any query(ies).


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