Thursday, June 07, 2012

My Recent Amusement....

Yes! It is... Darts game.... =)
Got GC to help me buy my first set of (cheapest, nicer one) Darts! My flight simply say so much abt me... =P
 Nowadays we prefers to hang out at bars with darts machines... To keep us entertained...
Somehow I "gave away" my previous flights.. And so, I got new ones from iDarts Senso! Love this cutey, bright pink flights and I'm liking these new pale pink shaft! Happy happy!!
 And the staffs at iDarts Senso were really nice & friendly.. Gave me so much advices about the darts and all that & even gave me & Joe Darts Live mbrs card foc (cos we ordered drinks actually.. LOL) and best part is that we get to choose from a range of few designs and (naturally) I chose this sweet pinky one too!! Happy happy again!! Awww... these little things that brightens up, yet another gloomy day....
   Lastly.... a cute pic of my love, with my darts.... Life's great, especially with great companions ard ya... Cheers!! =D
And not forgetting.... to wish my dearest little sister, Jas, a very very happy birthday and may she be blessed with a blissful, peaceful, healthy & happy life!!! Gonna enjoy feasting & shopping wif her tmr! Yay!  


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