Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy 1 Month, *Twit Twit*!!!!

Ever since Miki introduce Twitter to us last month, I signed up on 26 May and ...... now my Twitter account is officially ONE month old and boy, I am so ADDICTED to Twitter!!! In this one month, I have just updated my 170th post now, as I am writing this blog!! Heee....

(Refer to my previous post about Twitter, here....)

Twitter is really simple to use and fast to update! Since I started using Twitter, I always have this tendency to take pictures everywhere I am, then update to Twitter!!! It's really like a mini blog!!! You know, it takes quite a lot of time to sort out pictures and to write the blog, so Twitter is really the best tool to use for frequent short updates you wanna share!! It's really fun and now I always want to update my Twitter whenever possible... How addicted I am!!!!


But sorry Twit, at this point of time, I'm loving my dearest comfy bed where I can lie down and have my good night's rest!!! I'm totally bushed out... But I will awake tmr, totally fresh and ready, to welcome the many fun activities that follows!!!!

I'm LOVIN' every moment of MY LIFE!!

P.S: Remeber to check out my *Twit Twit* for more updates, cos I do so everyday!!! If you wish to follow me on Twitter, click here!!! Yippie!!!


At 7:21 PM, June 26, 2009 , Blogger YULI said...

kudos to yahhhh! what i love about twitter is that i can get close to international icons like ashton kutsher. sooo cool! :D

At 11:27 AM, June 28, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

yea yea!!! Hee... It's like how I can 'follow' Elva Hsiao and get updates about her daily life!!! ;p


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