Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dinner @IMM Spagetti Too for the 1st time!

Oh well... no crazy pictures from last night's Zouk outing, cos as usual, no camera.. LOL.. But did managed to take a photo with the 'crazy' birthday gal using her phone.. Nice.. ;p Anyway, went to IMM for dinner cos I wanted to go Daiso buy some stuffs... I like Daiso, so many things to buy and they're cheap.. Hee...

So we went to try out Spagetti Too, which was opened not too long ago...
They had dinner set menu - main course, soup, drink & dessert. If I don't remember wrongly, it cost about $10+ for the set meal.
The soup of the day was mushroom soup. Not too bad lah, those who loves mushroom would like it cos the mushroom taste is soooo strong... The cake was edible, of cos not yummy.. ;p
Miserable looking calamari.. but can't expect much, only cost $2+....
The main course, Seafood Spagetti.. Ermmm, not too bad bah... -_-
The prawn & mussel are actually bigger than the crayfish!! LOL
The pizza's the nicest, compared to the rest of the food we had.. But a little too oily thou'...
Well, can't expect too much, you get what you paid for.. The total cost of the meal is about $30+.. That's considered cheap for the amount of food we had.. Hmmm, I'll probably visit again if I go IMM, but think I'll just stick to pizzas... ;p


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