Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sentosa Picnic Outing

Last Saturday, decided to go sun-tanning on the beach of Sentosa. Woke up early in the morning and made sandwiches for lunch. But by the time we were ready to go, it was 11am already... My fault, cos I was too tired to wake up earlier to make the sandwiches.. We had actually planned to reach Sentosa by 11am.. Anyways, we reached Sentosa close to noon and settled at a less crowded area on Siloso beach, near to Cafe Del Mar.... Just when we thought we could just relax and enjoy peacefully in the sun......

We saw big groups of Indians walking towards this direction.. When I say big groups, it's not like 10-20ppl... It's at least 80ppl can!!! Sianz half lor.... Sianz 100% when half of the group of ppl decided to hang around where we were sitting at.... There were everywhere......
They were on the beach......
They were in the water.....
Seriously, I have nothing against Indians, I'm not a racist... But they were super incosiderate & buey zidong & rowdy can!!!! See, They just happily take off their shoes & clothes and left it right beside our mat!!!
Only the pair of black slippers belong to Eug.... The rest, they just happily left there around lor!!! Damn pissed!!! Then they were running around on the beach area near us, kicking sand onto our mat... it gets so irritated when we were trying to eat our sandwiches lor!!!! Grrrrrrrr.....!!!!!!!

Really damn spoiler de lor.... sigh.... felt damn upset... Eug doesn't want to be bothered anymore and just lie on the mat to read his book... He had intended to go down the water but changed his mind, so we just sat there the whole 2hrs+ there, him reading the book, me sulking while reading my magazine!!! Even this caucasian couple, sun-tanning about 50metres away from us, were seemingly a little irritated too... Haiz, reali felt damn disappointed, suppose to be a relaxing lazy Sat, became a noisy, irrtated one!!! Well, guess we'll arrange for another outing other days & hopefully, not so 'unlucky' next time!!! O.o

Saw this 'sand-house', near where we lay out mat... some kid(s) must've been playing around here earlier.... the 'sand-house' is so cute.... but sadly, that group of indians playing around the area, destroyed it!!! Arrgghhhh!!!!!
Our 'must-have' beverages of the day, to cool us in the hot sunny weather!!! so refreshing!!! 'Ahhhhh......' and not forgetting, sweet juicy cherry tomatoes... love em'! yummy!!
Amidst the 'irritation & disturbance', still remembered to *smile* and pose for pictures.. ;p
Peace finally... But that was only about an hour+ later... By then, we were almost ready to leave... -_-"

Yesh!!! I'm finally 'up-to-date'!!!! As for now, I've posted whatever photos of any recent activities.... August seemed to be a 'quieter month' for me?? @ least for this 2 weeks.... LOL... Anyway, gonna head down to zouk tmr nite to celebrate sweetie sophia's birthday!! Hopefully, some nice photos of the crazy night!! ;p


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