Sunday, August 23, 2009

Traders Hotel Lunch Buffet, Movies & One Rochester

Went to try out Trader's Hotel 1-for-1 promo lunch buffet... Overall was okay, better than Ritz Carlton, thou' here doesn't have Oysters & Sashimi (anyway the oyster was so limited & sashimi wasn't fresh).. The spread here was actually quite limited, but still reasonable for the promo price which works out to be SGD20.60 per pax.. But seriously, without the promo, I wouldn't actually consider coming for the buffet here.. =X
Anyway, the coincident thing was, I happen to bump into cousin 'missykaren' who was there for dept lunch!! Always didn't manage to successfully meet her up for drinks, but instead, bumped into her at the buffet! LOL...

The only seafood are mussels and prawns. But the prawns are fresh! They do not have sashimi, but have a little variety of sushi, which I was not interesting to try..
This is the area where they have some selections of cooked food.. Think we only tried the beef stew (not nice) and lemon chicken (not bad)...
I ate alot of the ham, corn and crabstick salad.. Too bad they didn't replenish the crabstick salad when it was finished.. It's really nice!
I think the kueh-pai-tee was the best food there... It's very nice! I ate like 6 of it! Yummy!!! ;p
The one on the left is the Lor-Mee, so-so... The other is they La-Mian, not nice at all, quite tasteless, had a hard time forcing it down... -_-
Finally, dessert time!!!
The desserts are not bad, but not much variaty thou'... The egg custard is nice, kueh lapis was abit too hard, egg tart abit tasteless, mango pudding (below lapis) & steam pear pudding (@ bottom most of the plate) were not too bad and the durian cake (@ the right of egg custard) was not bad, but the ones @ Orchard Hotel's much nicer..
Tried all the ice-cream flavours & had marshmallows with chocolate... Nice nice!!
The chocolate fondue... And they actually also have waffle which you could've eatne with ice-cream & chocolate sauce... But just too full to eat anymore...
Time to digest the food... So went over to ION for a walk.. It was my first time there! Quite crowded for a Fri afternn! Didn't really enjoyed walking there thou', so end up back at Shaw Isetan.. Headed over to Great World shortly after, to catch movies......

Ryan Reynolds is so hot (& he's actually Scarlet Johansson's hubby!!!)! So is Sandra Bullock.. Though you can see that she has aged, but she is still so beautiful.. Oh well, her acting skills are superb, as usual... It was a great movie, enjoyed watching it.. You've have expected a typical romance-comedy, but this storyline was slightly different in a certain sense... Talking about the storyline, would you think you could actually fall in love with someone you're hated so much, just over 3-days of spending good times together???
Well, I believe it is definitely possible... Love do happens unexpectedly... And it could just happen to you.. ;p
Decided to watch Bruno, since we had the time, so went for a quite bite at the foodcourt where I bumped into TDL's ex-colleague with her family having dinner... Gerald said I had a 'bumpy-day'... Funi...
Bruno Anyway, it's quite a crappy show, but funny... Can keep you laughing throughout the whole show... but there's this guy who was sitting beside us watching alone and over-doing his laughing.. Duh... Weirdo... -_-"
Headed over to On Rochester to relax abit.. It's nice to go on a cooling weather, at least it wasn't too hot that night.. I like the ambience, not too noisy and kinda romantic.. Hee... But of cos it's not really cheap to dine & drink here, so this is only the third time we are here & everytime we end up the same restaurant, probably the least expensive one there bah...??? ;p
It's too small to be seen clearly, but at the left side in the pic, is where the band is located. They sang very well and nice songs chosen as well.. right for the mood...
We had a different flavour of Archipelago beer each, and ordered meatball as a snack.. I wasn't hungry so I ate only 1 meatball, not too bad, but Ikea's meatballs are still better!! Haha..

By the way, they have this 'Martini Buffet' thingy, if I don't remember wrongly.. Pay 58++ per pax and can enjoy a drink-all-you-can martinis for 3hrs.. But I forgot when and what time.. Probably will try that next time...??


At 10:23 PM, August 27, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh cousie! u never take pic with me since we could actually bump onto each other! :P

i ate a lot of prawns & dessert. no eat kueh-pie-ti cos lazy to do la. me no bf to 伺候 me lor. *bleah*

btw one rochester have a $44 drink-all-u-want promo for aug ley in celebration of our nation's bday! urs truly nego for the promo one lor!

~missy karen

At 10:21 AM, August 28, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

Oh ya hor... We should've taken a pic wor! LOL

I ate some prawns, thou's not alot..

Eh, that kueh-pie-tee i made most of it de lor.. The BF only made the first 3! ;p

Yes, when i was at One Rochester, i looked thru' their menu and saw that $44++ thingy.. But I think it's not everyday and it's like for 3-hrs bah...


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