Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Da Vinci Exhibition & Sciene Centre

Went to the Da Vinci exhibition with Winnie on Sunday 16 Aug, the last day of the exhibition at Science Centre. It was super crowded!!! Went Science Centre around 1pm and left there at aounrd 5pm!! Spent such a long time there cos we gotta queue awhile to enter the Da Vinci exhibition and also while inside, we gotta take some time to move around as there were just too many ppl inside.. Also, afterwe were done at Da Vinci, we went to check out the main Science Centre, cos we took the 'package', adding $1 more on top of the $15 Da Vinci entrace fee, so as to enter Science Centre as well! ;p

Inside the exhibition hall, strictly no photography or videography.. Thus we can only manage to take some pictures at the entrance...

The Vitruvian_Man This is a poster of the Mona Lisa at the entrance... The exhibit of the many Mona Lisa's paintings inside are simply amazing!!! It's a great eye-opener for me in that aspect... Enjoyed all the paintings a great deal!!!
Headed to the Science Centre after we were done with the Da Vinci exhibition.. Think the last time I ever stepped into Science Centre was during my Primary School days, on a expedition organised by the school!!

Went to this section talking about moculelar stuffs and all that... Found this BuckyBall and Carbon Nanotubes interesting....
Went to the Robotics section and saw this cute robotic girl! soooo cute!!! I wanna bring it home.... ;p
Check out the classic 'water bottle' handphone! I remember it was like more than 10years ago when pl are still using this!!! Omigosh!!!! Have you personally seen, touched & used one??
Check out these african roaches! Totally grossed out!!!!
See these cute little chicks!!!! Reminds me of the time when I was in Primary school & I did rear chickens.... ;p
Complete skeleton of a fish
This amuses me.. Complete skeleton of a Chicken.. O.o
Skeleton of a frog.... -_-
It has been quite fun visiting the Science Centre after such a long long time... Hmmmm... What's the next fun thing to do..... I'm thinking, I'm thinking........ ;)
Anyway, went back for a Birthday dinner with Aunt Chris, my 2nd fav aunt! Happy Birthday! ;p


At 10:29 PM, August 27, 2009 , OpenID littlemscheeky said...

i went on 15 Aug ley, the queue was like duno how rounds of snake bt still not too slow la.

i find the exhibitioin a lil repetitive. alot of mona lisa & last supper.

At 1:32 PM, August 28, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

on the last day, sun 16 Aug, it was long long queu too... they said 'crowd control', so can only limit the no. of ppl entering each time interval.. but before u even know it, it's time for u to go in & tat's when the previous crowd probably hasn't cleared.. so the whole place so so packed inside! :(

well, guess the main 'talking point' is abt mona lisa & last supper paintings rite... heee


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