Friday, December 04, 2009

Lack of Blogging... -_-

The many reasons:
- Too tired at the end of each day
- Lazy cos gotta sort out the 'gazillion' photos to post
- Busy FB-ing & Twittering
- Too pre-occupied with preparing for X'mas
- Etc, etc, etc.....
Whatever the reasons (or excuses) I may say (or find), the fact is that, I am way outdated on my postings!! (All these events from in Oct & Nov...)
- cousin's wedding photos
- my birthday celebrations photos
- christina's hens party & wedding photos
- godma's birthday outing photos
- bkk trip photos
- Company D&D photos
- bff's bday dinner photos
- the fun & eventful flea mkt photos
- KL trip photos

And it's now 0050hrs while I'm still typing this sentence.. I shall have to keep tis post short as I'm really very tired and wanna go sleep soon.. Weekend's so much to look forward to so I don't wanna look like a 'walking-zombie'... -_-" (Steamboat dinner with 'the Chew-Babez on Fri, CArousel buffet dinner on Sat, 'New Moon' movie session on Sun!!!)

Short update: Our Team won the "best dressed" during D&D and was given a cash prize of S$1,000!!! That's reali considered alot, at least to me...
Our PCS Team - the 8 of us onz enuf to take part in the 'Best-Dressed'!! From the pic, you can see that our PCS 'theme' was "Bollywood Boomz", as suggested by Petrina (the one wearing gold saree)... Pretty pretty!!! =)

Each participating Team would have to go on stage to do a short performance & as our 'dressed-theme' suggested, we went on stage & did a 'Bollywood Dance"! I think it was super hilarious can!But at least we won the first, out of four Teams! Lolxxx...

Petrina was ncie enuf to suggest that the winnings to be split by the 'admin team', which is to me and the other 2 admin gals (the one in pink and the one in red)!! Mad hapi!!! And so, the 3 of us decided to use part of the winnings & get a little token of appreciation for the rest of them! We got cuff links for the 3 guys & *blingz blingz* HP accessory for the 2 gals.. Hope they like the gift!!! =)

Okay, it's 0117hrs right now!! I gotta rush to 'Dreamland' oredi!! More updates of the above-mentioned 'outdated events soon!! (i hope it's really gonna be soon!!) Hahahaha... Till then.... =P


At 12:52 AM, December 06, 2009 , Blogger kenwooi said...

too busy eh.. it's okay la.. enjoy your life =D


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