Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just a short one....

Super tired.. Plus whole body aching and totally painful legs!!! =_= Had a crazy but fun night on Friday and Saturday had been tiring too.. Went for a $50 Chinese buffet dinner at River View Hotel then Shenton Way Partyworld KTV for almost 5hrs! Couldn't take it anymore so left early to come back & rest.. The BFFs are still happily singing there... LOLxxxx... Washed my hair & waiting for it to dry before I can head off to dreamland.. So here's a short one, with cool pics 'stolen' off Sop's blog! =P

Self-explanatory... There are many parts of our life where we have to go thru' this phase.. And yes, when it's REALLY TIME, it definitely is.. There are just too many greater stuffs ahead to miss out on!!!

This is sooo cute... Reminds me of all my pet hammy.. A little sad too, cos am reminded of my 2 winter whites who have passed on and should be @ a 'better place' right now.. Happy & Peace, do RIP.. I miss u both, really... ='(This is nice! GO ON, give a great, big hug to your loved ones!!! ;)
Most of us would probably have someone whom we have/ever fall head over heels for.. I was once crazily in love with someone.. Do I still, now?!?!?!?
Orito.. My eyes are closing & I've gotta be up early later, to catch a movie "Imagine That"! Long day for me again! Sleepy time now... ZzzzZZZzzzz


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