Sunday, November 08, 2009

Post-Bkk Holiday 'Blues'...... -_-"

Orite, I haven't blogged for like just over a week.. I went BKK for holiday & spent my Halloween night resting in the hotel!! O.o... And well, I still miss the great and inexpensive shopping and food indulgence in Bangkok, even thou' i was practically sick the whole time while I was holiday-ing there.. Oh, and the weather there is something I really miss too... It's sunny in the daytime, but not all hot and humid like in S'pore, and at night, you would actually feel chilly.. Great weather, loves!!!!! =p

Didn't have a great start anyways.. Firstly, baggage delayed (was informed that S'pore side missed out loading my luggage onto the same flight i was at) and next bad thing, we got nasty 'surprises' the hotel we stayed in!!! -_-" (First House Hotel: me & whole family stayed there abt 3yrs+ ago & it was a reali not bad hotel for the low budget)!! Ok, I shall elaborate these 'unpleasant-ness' in my blog post about my BKK trip..

Orite, cute pictures time!!!
This somewhat reminds me of the position im in right now, except that i'm not sleeping yet, but typing away on my netbook... LOLxxxx...
Sweetie marshmallows!!! I reali love to eat marshmallows!!! Love the softness and the sweetness... I usually buy those marshmallows mix from mini-toons... I love colourful, sweet things!!! =p
And that day after I saw the pic of the lovely heart-shaped marshmallows above, I had to buy a packet to satisfy my cravings & mad happy that I managed to get this fat-free one from Carrefour!!! Woohooo~!!!
Oops, 3+am... Sleepy time!!! (And I think I feel that 'flu-virus' could be visiting me soon...) Better sleep now!!! =.=


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