Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ninja Assassin is gonna be launched at cinemas next week! I'm so gonna watch it!! Not really an avid fan of Rain, but I've watched him sing & dance on TV, he's really great, very talented. Not exactly those super handsome or boyish-good-looking kinda guy, but he definitely have the charm! I've watched "Full House" like 3-4 times and he's really great in the show. Really love that show!

Well, most celebrities sure have their fair share of good and/or bad critcis abt them, Rain definitely won't be spared of it. But I've read articles about him (& his background) on papers, internet, and I've watched a documentary about him too. He seemed to be a really great guy. (but of cos things we read/see through media channel may not be 100% true..) But then again, so long as he sings, dance, act well and we get entertained watching him, why bother so much, right?? Just enjoy! =p

Anyways, I'm going to KL for the long weekend next week!!! Anyone from KL able to advise me on the weather there right now???? ;)


At 10:52 AM, November 18, 2009 , Blogger LingWai said...

Somehow Rain doesn't seem like Rain in those movie posters. Or maybe it's just me.

Expect showers when ur here in KL. Do carry an umbrella with u always :)


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