Sunday, December 05, 2010

One of my greatest fear!!!

Learnt something new today, while at the same time, realised one of my greatest FEAR!!! I OFFICIALLY have OBESOPHOBIA!!! And I'm sure there're many others who're the same.... =X

I'm such a GLUTTON and I really LOVE eating nice food!!! Too bad as you aged, your METABOLISM rate DROP tremendously!!! But everyone will SUFFER this 'fate', but I DO!!!! Sad much!!!

BUT BUT BUT BUT..... What to do right?? It's just too hard to resist TEMPTATIONS!!!
Well well, I choose "TASTY"!!!! *both hands & legs wave up in the air*

Life is just too short to miss out on all the yummilicious food!!! Just remember to let your stomach & body rest once in awhile, with the healthier choices of food, and best if you have the determination to EXERCISE!!!! Well, I dun have much, but I do FORCE myself to JOG, sometimes.... =P
Anyways, Bon Appetit!!! =D


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