Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tsumani in Japan.... How it affects ppl GLOBALLY...

We switch on the tv, we see news about the disaster in Japan... Login FB & Twitter, we see updates about the Japan calamity... It affects all of us, one way or another, somehow or rather... My bff, has her 1st Japan holiday trip booked for 26th Mar & now is in a dilemma of whether to still go ahead or not... Sigh... Poor Japan, pity those ppl who are there right now.... Hope everything will be fine for them soon.... Alright, enuf of it, ain't gonna cont'd on & on & on about it when half the Globe are already talking about it...

2 weeks since I started my part-time course... Stress is the only thing I can relate to... So many things that I dun understand, since I've been outta the "studying-world" for more than 5 yrs... Brain is rusty... Hate it... Everyone else in the class seemed to understand everything except me... So much to catch up on.... Arrrrggghhhh!!!! Pls give me the strength & perserverence to go on, k.... You are my strength now!!!!! =)

On a side note, I had quite an enjoyable holiday trip to HK/Macau last month... Mainly becos of the company, as well as the great food feast & satisfying shopping-spree!!!!! I can't wait for my next holiday, coming up in mid-Apr, Co. trip to Taipei again (just went there last Nov with The Bff...)!!! But guess I won't be able enjoy as much, as I would still have my studies to worry about... Assignments due in April, exam in May!!! Can I fast-forward to after mid-May oredi!!!! =(

Gosh!!! So late already!!! Well, now I've gotta decide whether to stay up to do my homework, or to go sleep & hope to wake up earlier to go work... So much work to do too.... Am so tired, tired, tired tired..... ZZzzZZZzzzzzzzzzz


At 1:12 PM, March 15, 2011 , Blogger Kristin said...

What your studying now? All the best =)


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