Thursday, February 24, 2011

About CNY 2011!!

CNY is over, like in the blink of an eye! Been so busy, still.... Next month would be worse as I'm gonna start my part-time studies already.... *stress* but luckily classes are only on 2 weekdays... I still have the rest of the week + weekend to rush assignments + relax & have fun... =P I still wish for more than 24hrs everyday as I really don't seem to have enuf time!??!?! Am so outdated on posts, photos etc... Didn't even have time to update on January's activities... =X

2 Feb: After reunion dinner, went Mambo wif BFF, Shann-mama and Dan + friends... Quite fun nah... =D

3rd Feb: Day 1 - Visit Relatives & 3rd Uncle's Bday dinner @ CSC!
After dinner, adjourn to Holland.V to meet the BFFs + other friends, for Lon's bday gathering... =)
6 Feb: Met up wif BFFs & group for lunch at Tampopo, Liang Court and followed for KTV Session!!! =) 11 Feb: CNY Lunch treat by Mr Nice-IL @ Sabai Thai restaurant, Custom House & Co. Dinner @ The Cathay!
12 Feb: CNY Gathering @ Joyce's house & same time to celebrate the Poly-Feb-BBs' birthday!
Had to head off to join Bffs' group later @ nite for 2nd round of gathering!! Food + card games + MJ!!!!
13 Feb: Family gathering @ Aunt Chris house
GOSH!!! It's past 2.30am ALREADY!!! And I'm still not finish packing my luggage for my HK/Macau holiday trip!!!!!! Luckily my flight is 1340hrs later, so at least I can sleep about 8hrs before I need to wake up to get ready to go airport... Orite, I better go get done with packing and the SLEEP!!! Am so looking fwd to the cooler weather in HK/Macau, compared to SG... Feasting, shopping, sight-seeing.... HERE we come!!!!!! =p


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