Monday, January 17, 2011

17days since 2011 started...

OMG!! It''s again more than 10 (long) days since my last post where I summed up on 2010!?!?!? Days seemed to ZOOM by so fast.... Too fast that I barely accomplished much and another day passed.... Sometimes I really wished I have more than 24hrs each day!!!

2010 was OVER, like in the blink of an eye! Bad memories, great memories... Bad experiences, great experiences... Devastation, sorrow, miseries.... Happiness, merriment, contentment, excitement... Lost some, gain lots.... So So So many drastic things happen, ALL in just a matter of months.... These months changed me alot, really alot... Mainly about my perception in life... About appreciating how simple things like freedom of doing things I like, being wif lotsa great ppl, can bring so much joy and making life much more meaningful and fulfilling....

Okay, that aside... This year CNY seems to come like REAL soon too.... Cos it's just the 1st week of Feb!! OMG, so much things undone!! Well, but at least I managed to pack my clothings, bags & shoes bit by bit over weekends! And yea, I'm DONE wif my new year clothings/shoes shopping!!! So you see, that's the good thing about buying clothings abit every now and then... So when CNY is coming, just need to unpack them, wash and sort them out!

Packed my shoes...... Abit here & there... Simply no place to store them anymore & I still kept buying... Always being nagged by mum & sisters.... Oops!!! But that doesn't stop me from buying more you know!! LOL...
Bags... Not as much as the shoes (luckily)... But still, that's about the space available to store them....
How I wished I could have storage spaces like this........ Much much easier to find my shoes and bags, especially when I rushing for time to go work every morning.... =X
The accessories ain't any better... Hanging more and more and more as time goes by.... And it's taking up space in my wardrobe too.... But same as shoes & clothings, accessories WILL NEVER be enuf de lah!!! Wahahahaha....
If only I have the space to get these shelves to store all my accessories..... -_-
But nonetheless, am damn glad I'm done with the packing!!! Heeee... Now what's left is to clean and re-arrange the shelves full of ornaments/bottles/photo frames/trophies, probably a week before CNY bah.....

Anyways, lately me & frens are into this new, healthy & supa-fun activity!!! KITE-FLYING!!!! Our first attempt at West Coast Park was failure, extreme... And we all ran around like crazies, trying to get the kites up... NO ONE else there did tat except our group.. Dumb or wat?!?!?!? Haaaaaa... Hilarious much!!!! So last weekend, we got "smarter", we went to Marina Barrage!!! It was damn crowded, but windy enough luh!!!!

See those 'small dots' in the sky??? They are ALL kites!!!!!!
And this, is my kite!!!! Think it should be almost 80cm in width?? And the tail is long and heavy lo... So difficult to get my kite up and I almost gave up then Gum came to the 'rescue' and got my kite soaring up in the sky within ten mins!!!! Now I keep thinking about when the next kite-flying session would be.... But too bad, this weekend no time for that cos there's another more interesting activity for this weekend!!!! Weekend batam getway wif the parents, sis+bf & bffs!!!! Am sooo looking fwd to the massage, the feasting, the boozing & most imptly, the great fun we'll have together!!!! =D

January is indeed already such a busy month.... And the months ahead will be even busier!!! *Stressed* Am gonna find time to update more soon!!! ;)

Time check: 0045hrs... It's sleep time..... ZZzzzzzzZZZZzzz... =P


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