Thursday, January 06, 2011

Summing up 2010 - Reasons for the busy-ness...

31st Dec - Countdown gathering @ Kaya's pl
Popped the Moet & Bottega wine... Down the beer & Martel too...
Crazy & Fun nite wif comfort & cozy-ness....

19th Dec - Gaomei's BIG DAY
Wedding dinner @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront

17th Dec - Mr Goh & Ms Toh's BIG DAY @ Suntec Convention

10th Dec - An "eventful" nite @ Kampong Bahru & BQ

4th Dec - Gaomei's "Jie-Meis" (Hens) Nite Out @ Crew Room's KTV Rm

27th Nov - Vann's advanced Bday celebration @ K Box
"The Podka-Dots-Partay"!!! Fun, Fun & more Fun!!! =D

21st Nov - Mikaela 1st Birthday party
What a sweet little cutey princess!!

19th Nov - Co. D&D @ Hyatt Hotel >> Theme: "Musical Extravagant"
Taken lotsa photos with the PCS Gals! It was a reali fun nite wif them! =)
Busy is good?? I guess so... It makes your life seemed more fruitful with lotsa laughter, joy and fun!!! But sometimes, it gets a little too tiring and not enough time to do MANY things!!! I haven't even had time to sort out and upload photos of holiday trips, esp my Taipei holiday with The Bff in Nov!!! Arrrgghhhhh....

But anyways, am looking fwd to a great 2011 ahead... Many new 'beginnings'... Many great things too.... New year resolution?? Aplenty, being carried fwd year and year and year... LOL.....

Anyways, in another hallf hour's time, it's gonna be the "8th month".... Well, still coping well so far... Hmmm, sometimes not too sure thou'... Aiyah, nvm lah, most impt thing now is to re-evaluate my life, my directions, my dreams etc... I wanna be a better person, a more useful one too... Make my life, my existence worthwhile... Need lotsa encouragement! Gambate to moi!!!! =D


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