Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Hobby!!!

Have been sorta into this new hobby for some months oredi... Yes, it is kite-flying!!!! The first actual experience was at West Coast park, wif The bff+BF & group of his friends... All of us were kinda "green" at it & were running around frantically (like crazy bunch of kids), while trying to get our kites to soar!!! But end up, epic FAIL man!!! But was damn hilarious can! Cos it seemed like the whole field, we were the only ones who DID the RUNNING around!! Funi!! -_-"
Then the guys started to explore, learn & figure out and suddenly, they were all like semi-pros after a few outings!!!
And then me & bff got our own single-line kite too!!! I chose this, cos I love the multi-colours and chose this shape cos they said it should be rather easy to fly??? But wasn't really quite that easy cos it's tail was pretty "heavy", so need strong wind to get it up & soaring!!! =)

Okay, this is my kite-flying one-third-of-a-mentor!!! Why I said one-third?? Cos the other two-thirds are The bff's BF & Bro-Lon!!! This mentor (below in the pic) damn funi de... He said, to successfully fly the kite, one of the most impt thing (other than strong wind), is to have a 1.8m TALL "stand"!!! LOL!!! But it's really proven to be pretty useful ok... Haaa....Look at the kites in the sky!!! Ain't they all just look so nice!!!!!! This was taken at West Coast Park... But was still nothing comparable to the amount of kites at the Marina Barrage (our now FAV kite-flying venue)!!! ;)
Don't you think my kite looks so much like a cobra with the LED lights fixed to the tip of it!!! =p

Marina Barrage is windy, have great views of The Sands & Flyer as well... One of the best place for kite-flying and that's why, it's SOOO crowded..... My kite looks like it's luminous in the night sky!!! I didn't fix on LED lights, it's just that the kite happens to be flying at where the spotlights were shining at!! Nice ya???

And then the guys started to get tired of the single line kite and went into Stunt Kites! Tried it a couple of times, pretty hard to control and just doesn't seemed to be able to get a hang of it... and the bad thing is that it can get damaged easily if you didn't know how to 'land' it well.... Dun wanna risk spending the $$ and getting it damaged, especially when I'm SO clumsy! =X

So the other alternative is...... to get a Power Kite!!!! Easier to play and NOT easy to be damaged!!! Am so exicted cos i'm gonna be getting one soon, hopefully by weekend, so that I can play with it!!!!!

I'd wanted to get this one (in the above pic), but was told that it's not really suitable for me as this is more like for really beginner, beginner... So I guess the better option is to get a more 'challenging' one... And that, shall be decided by tmr!!!!

On another note, another "new" thing i'm into, as I have already mentioned in my earlier post, is my part-time business marketing course.... So far am 3 weeks into the lessons... It's really pretty enriching and interesting... I've already learn alot, but is really just too much to be absorped and digested... And now I'm starting to worry about my 3 assignments that will be due in abt a month+ later.... *gulp* It's really pretty tiring to be working and studying at the same time, while making time for some fun & relacing activities too!!! Well, we all still ought to have a work(& study)-life balance right!!! Hahahahaha... OMG!!! And it's again, so late already... No wonder my eyes are like shutting!!! Time to hit the sack!!! =D


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