Sunday, March 27, 2011

Obsession with Shoes...

Fascinating shoe facts (Sunday March 20, 2011 11:55 pm PDT) By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

Most women own 17 pairs of shoes! Finally we've found some poll results that actually seem accurate! A new footwear survey from ShopSmart, a Consumer Reports publication, interviewed over 1,000 women and found that the average woman owns 17 pairs of shoes and spends around $49 per pair. Of those, only three pairs are in regular rotation. Sounds about right, doesn't it? Some shoe-crazed ladies right now are shaking their heads in disagreement. Well, you may not fall in the norm! 13 percent of women have over 30 pairs of shoes, not including sneakers. Feeling better now? Here are some more cool stats from the survey:

• Women buy around three pairs of shoes each year

Me: Yes yes!! I think i probably buy ard 5 pairs a year??? =D

• 39% of women prefer flats more than any other shoe

Me: Flats are more comfy but my shoes are mainly heels as they can make me look taller and slimmer, hopefully... LOL

• 33% have spent more than $100 on a pair of shoes

Me: Not for me, on average I spend ard 30-35 bucks on a pair... think the most ex I've ever spent on a pair of shoes is ard 80bucks bah....

• only 25% have worn shoes that are 4″ or higher

Me: I supposed so! 3 & a half inch heel is oredi quite a "killer", so 4"??? How to walk??? Dun think I even own a pair that high too...

• 46% have bought an ugly pair for comfort, while 60% endure pain for pretty shoes

Me: I would rather just endure pain for pretty shoes... So I probably won't buy ugly pair for the sake of comfort... haaaa....

• 61% have carried comfy shoes in their bag to change into

Me: Carry another pair of shoes in bag is like damn inconvenient, esp when my bag's oredi damn heavy usually... But I have a pair of slippers & another more comfy lower-heeled shoes in the office to change into.. ;)

• 48% have had shoe-related injuries

Me: Well, I did almost twisted my ankle a couple of times due to the high heel I wore.. Probably have slipped once or twice too!! -_-"

• 19% shop to cheer themselves up

Me: This DEFINITELY works for me... when I feel moody, retail therapy is the BEST solution (other than "hapi-hr")... LOL

• 29% shop for shoes online

Me: Can't do this, cos my feet's kinda odd & ugly shape... HAve to really try the shoe to know if it fits well.... =X

• 14% have hidden at least one purchase from their spouse

Me: Well well... guilty as charged... BUT not hiding from spouse, but from my mum & sis!!!!

• 51% notice the shoes others are wearing

Me: I will automatically check out what others are wearing and make mental notes on what's nice, so that I can look out for it on my next shoe-shopping... =)

• 28% feel shoes make the outfit

Me: For sure! Shoes play a very important part in our overall dressing... Usually I try to match my shoes to accessories or belts or bags... Otherwise, will be to match with the top OR the bottom...

So many women are obsessed with shoes. Lisa Lee Freeman, editor in chief of ShopSmart, explains why. "Shoes never make your butt look big, you don't have to worry about squeezing into them if you've put on a couple of pounds, and they can instantly make you feel sexier."

Part of my shoes, packed in the too-small-for-more-shoes cabinet in the living room... Thes rest, I'd to squeeze into the storeroom and another shoe rack near the door.... I really don't have alot of shoes you know... It's only about 35-40 pairs I supposed....

Refer to my previous post

I LOVE shopping, especially for shoes!!!! It is really really my "WEAK spot", totally... I'm actually sorta "banned" form buying shoes cos I hogged up so much of the shoe cabinet space, as well as the space in the storeroom, that my sis said she's gonna "charged" rental fee for my shoes if I'm gonna buy anymore... LOL... Honestly, I don't think I have alot of shoes (I'm sure there're much more ladies out there will really ALOT ALOT of shoes)... Plus, all my shoes are NOT expensive ones!

And below is my latest "collection" from Susbstance (this my only my 2nd pair of shoes from them)!!! It was 'love at first sight' with this! I LOVE the colour, love the cutting, love the wedge heel, love the comfort!! Susbstance shoes are really quite worth buying!! Pretty reasonable pricing.... It's gonna be my fav brand, for now.... Am gonna wear it tmr and I hope I can pull off the colour matching to my outift... Else, I'm gonna look pretty weird I guess...

Okay, off to check the wardrobe & try to match accessories and overall outfit to the shoes.... =)


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hello! :) I've visited, i love shopping too hahaha :)


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