Friday, March 27, 2009

New Hamster!

I just CAN'T resist taking home this cute little 6-weeks-old Sapphire Winter White!!
I have decided to name it PEACE.

Watched "Race to Witch Mountain" with Gerald on Tue 24 Mar, while Jasmine and Evon watched "Coming Soon"... Went to the Pet shop after the show while waiting for Jasmine and Evon to be out from their show and I saw this cute little one that I decided to buy home!

Reminds me alot of Lucky, but they are different after all, cos Lucky's fur are darker coloured while Peace has this greyish-blueish coat of fur.... And Peace squeaks alot and loud too... I guess he squeaks alot cos' he is being brought to an unfamiliar place and he's still trying to adapt... I hope to be able to put him together with Happy, my other Roborvski hamster... But I'll need to figure out how to do that...

Oh ya, and Peace bit me on my finger while I was trying to play with him to get him familiarised with me.. He must've thought my finger is food... I think he doesn;t really differentiate food well yet, cos I saw him nibbling on the wood shavings! -_-"

Well, the picture, I got it online cos I've yet to be able to take some nice pictures of my own hamster to post... Hope to be able to do so so... (",)