Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweetness in Life

Sometimes.... Don't you just feel that life is full of it........... Awwww... I love beautiful things.. I love sweet things in life.... I love my wonderful life.... I love all the wonderful ppl I have in my life.... Thankful for all that I have... =) I don't see why some ppl have to be so bitter and grouchy and resentful all the time...
I wish for everyone to have a happy & sweet life!! Cheers!

Friday, January 20, 2012

"After-Exam" Holiday Trip to TW!!!

YES!!! Exam is over!! Final Year report submitted!!! Pass or not, there's nothing I can do anymore, so Imma just gonna enjoy CNY and then the long-awaited (planned since last Nov) Taiwan Holiday trip with The BFF!!!!

Miss shopping & eating at Ximending.....

Missed Star, Peter & Uno.....Missing Wendy (the one standing at the back with me).... Last seen her in Nov'11 when she came to S'pore for one of her friend's (bottom leftmost pretty babe) Hens Party... =)
Totally missed the new friends I made during my Taipei trip last year April... Janice, Lulu, Viola....

Been to Taipei with The Bff in Nov 2010 and last year's April was Co. Incentive trip... This time, am still going with The Bff, but we will be going to Hualien, to visit ChingJing and HeHuanShan!! Snow, rare in the rest of Taiwan, is relatively common on the mountain during winter months. We are hoping that we are lucky enough to see snow! *keep fingers crossed*

Heart my bff.... We are each other's "travelling companion".... Luckily we are both quite chin chai so won't have any conflicting ideas when we travel! =D

I love my holidays.... I love my life!!!

Wishing everyone a prosperous lunar new year!!! Huat Huat arh!!! =P

Thursday, January 05, 2012

1st post of 2012 >> 2011 Bday(Oct)

Well well.... the first post for 2012, is actually a supa outdated post about my birthday in Oct'11!!! LOL


It just seems like it was "yesterday" when I just celebrated my last birthday!!! Gosh, another year has just passed!!!! I really enjoyed myself more each year!!!

1st bday pressie of 2011 - from my little sis!! Love it!!

30 Sep: 1st (advanced) birthday celebration @ Yello Jello, together with SL (actual day) & AG (advanced)! First time celebrating birthday together wif these 2 babes!! We had so much fun!!! 2nd pressie from "Mr J's GF"!!! Delivered to office!! Thanks WT!!! 01.10.11 - 3rd pressie from "Mr Nice Guy".... Doesn't really had much flair for choosing a gal's gift thou'.. But still outta give him credit for trying... Really appreciate it... =D 4th pressie from Ivy!!! =) She said she gave me this to let myself be "reminded" of Paris and then work twds the "goal" of travelling there someday soon.... 02.10.11 - Celebration with family!!! My little sis decorated the cake for me!! I helped abit too!!! =P Ang Pows from the family members!!! =) 03.10.11 - 5th pressie from the sweet cousie "littlemscheeky"!!04.10.11 - Bday gathering for Elmo, Kaya & Moi @ HV Breeko! Super nice choco-cheesecak from NYDC (i think)... Yummy!! Simply love this sweet sweet watch that BFFs, LL & TT!!! So love!!! ;) 06.10.11 Celebration in the office - Famous cheesecake from Hilton hotel!

"Surprise Gift" from a nice new friend.... ;)

The Canele cakes are yummy!!! Brought it to share wif sistas when we meet up at HV-Wala Wal for Moi & cousie-Phy's advanced bday celebration! Sweet thots from Karish-sis! Made me & Phy wear the bunny-ear headband & bow and everyone was like staring at us, thinking we were doing some Hens Party!! =P

Was going to Seoul for Co. Conf in Nov, so Godma decided to give me KRW ang pow!! =)

I had many great bday celebrations in 2011.... I got many great gifts..... The years down the road will always be as great as it can be.... I'm sure..... Cos I have alot of good ppl around me, what else can I ask for??? (Other than World Peace as well! LOL)

I love my life... I love my family... I love all my good friends.....

One year older, hopefully one year wiser too... Haaaa.....