Friday, July 29, 2011

Short Bangkok/Phuket Getaway...

So the holiday trip is over..... Not satisfying as I still end up with too little time to shop, eat & club.... Furthermore, it was 'wet season' and there was occasional rain/drizzle... But overall was still quite a good trip in BKK, as I managed to catch up with a good, old friend who lives there.. And he was kind enough to company me and my bffs to shop around the whole day and even carried my shopping bags for me! How nice is that! =D
I wanna go back to Bkk again soon, I hope...

We chose a boutique hotel this time round, not too hard to find, but not easy thou' cos it's located @ one of the small alley entrance.. But overall, worth staying! Mine's the smaller room as I'm staying alone but my bffs booked the exec room which is 1.5times bigger than mine and is on the top floor!

Sadly I didn't have much time to eat more of the nice food in Bkk... Only managed to savour these few....

Bffs... We actually bought similar Mickey-Mouse printed T-shirts from Platinum and wore it out together! Isn't it cute?? LOL...
And then I head over to Phuket to meet The Buddy, for his "bday-holiday".. Was bad in Phuket, rained almost every now and then... The hotel room was actually the place I spent most of my time!! But luckily the room was nice enough....

Actually went to try Fish Spa for the first time ever! 100baht for ten mins!!! I freaked out and almost like fainted on the spot can! I screamed like duno wat and broke out into cold sweat!!! -___-" I gave up after 6mins.... =X

See, it rained most times and we practically have to just walk with an umbrella along the streets... The rain come just as sudden and go off just as suddenly... ZZZZZ

Alright, am gonna head off to Genting on an impromtu weekend getaway with bff & 2 other gfs... Gals weekend getaway! So looking forward as I've not been to Genting for like more than 10yrs already!!! Okay, till then..... Shall update again..... =)

Monday, July 04, 2011

HCM Trip 27-31 May'11

Had 4D3N of non-stop feasting & boozing! Yay!!

This is the 4th time I've been to HCM, since my virgin trip in 2008.. Am like going there once a year... And this trip, by far, is my most enjoyable HCM trip... Thks to my companion and especially to the "host"..... I'll be back, soon! =D
The next holiday trip to look fwd to is barely another 3 weeks to go... Can't wait can't wait!!! It's gonna be another shopping-spree, feasting and boozing relaxation!!!

And where am I gonna be...................????????

Yep, that's right!!! To the "Land of Smiles"........

Am gonna head to BKK for shopping and to look up some friends over there... Then I'm gonna head over to Phuket to join my friends for some sun, sea & sand and not forgetting, ice-cold beer!!! =D