Sunday, January 03, 2016


[First Post of 2016]

2015 has just passed, like in a flash.... 

I've been so busy lately... Work, social life, travelling etc..... But well, I'm not complaining!!!

Well, every year just seemed to be more and more hectic, but I guess I'll take that positively....

Since I've gotten single, I've have been travelling a lot.... Particularly in 2014 & 2015.... 

I'm lucky enough to be able to travel to some countries I've never been to, cos of work, like NYC in 2014 and Barcelona last year. 

NYC in Nov 2014: 

Thanks to my most-wonderful-boss-in-the-world, who upgraded me to biz class on his own account, so I get to have this experience-of-once-in-a-lifetime! Sooooo comfortable!!! Served with champagne, nice and special meals, excellent service. That's why some ppl are more than willing to pay so much for it!

Planned a city tour for the delegates and one of the place we dropped by to take pic. Brooklyn bridge in the background.

Extended my trip and visited San Francisco. 

The golden gate bridge.

Barcelona in Nov 2015:

Planned tour for the group up to visit the Monserrat Monastery. Very breathtaking view!
Lucky enough to to go watch Live soccer match, FC Barcelona team! Messi!!!!!! 

Stopped over one day in Munich since taking transit flight from here back to SIN.

Visited the Christmas Market in town.
Also dropped by the small Christmas Market outside of the airport and random pic with a random stranger (I was taking a selfie & he tried to photo bombed me) who was drinking at one of the beer stores.

But in 2016, I probably may not require to travel for work anymore, but I told myself that my goal is to at least travel to one new city each year! 

Anyways last year (Aug 2015) I also planned a vacation for myself to a new place, Sydney, to visit some of my Friends there as well. First time to Aus and I chose Sydney mainly cos I've friends there. Quite a good experience and great catch up with my friends. 

Since it was weekend, so my nice Fren brought his family and me up to Blue Mountains!
Very nice view! 
Cronulla Beach.

Sydney Opera House.
Watched fireworks at Darling Harbour, before leaving Sydney the next day. 

Hanoi in Nov 2015: 

I've been to HCMC many times but finally went to Hanoi last year for our Division's yearly offsite event. 

Stayed at Sheraton and the beautiful westlake is just right infront!
Luckily found a nice and inexpensive seafood place near the hotel (about 10mins walk thou') to have dinner, with AC & LC. 

Finally, 2015 countdown trip to Taiwan, with GC and bestie+hubby!
(26 Dec'15 - 02 Jan'16)

Strawberry farm at 苗栗.

Swiss Garden at 清静.

清静青青草原. Picture with my "白马王子". Hope I'll meet the real one soon! 😁😁😁

Bought a small bottle of 女儿红 from 铺里酒庄.

Visited 天马牧场 to see animals, especially the cute 草泥马! 



倒数看Taipei 101烟花!
Bucket list-checked! 

Hope that 2016 can be an even better year for me, and everyone else too! 
And for world peace. 

~ PeaceTamy

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