Friday, February 01, 2013

My First Time Experiencing Snowing!!!

Went on a holiday trip to Taiwan with Bffs & YJ from 25-30 Jan'13.

Trip Itinerary: Taipei >> Taichung >> HeHuanShan >> Cingjing >> Taichung >> Taipei

Last year me & bff-Jo also visited HeHuanShan, but there were only residual snow from snowing but we never did experience actual snowing.

And this time, the best part of the trip was experiencing snowing! First time ever! We were all SO excited when it snowed!!!! =D

We were freezing as we never really prepared well enough for the cold, but we perservered on and continue higher up the mountain, when I notice little snow flakes falling down... And awhile later, it started snowing!!! But luckily it wasn't snow-storm that sort. It was a nice feeling having snow flakes calling on your face!! =) Enduring the cold and all the walking was definitely worth it!! 

The people here were really cute! They like to make snow-figurine on the front boot of their car! (see above pic)

Overall it was a really great trip with Bffs! Looking forward to more fun trips with them! And Taiwan, yes, I'm missing you already! But I'll be back again! =)