Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kenix's Bday Outing @ Vivo on 17.09.09

Met up with the 'poly gang', who attended Kenix's wedding dinner on 09.09.09, for an advanced birthday outing for Kenix (actual day's 20 Sep, but the day was saved for her dearest hubby! LOL).. Went to Vivo Sushi Tei for dinner, after which we headed outside for photo-taking & gift-unwrapping session!!! ;)

The Group Photo

Us Gals!
Unwrapping their present to her... A sweet Precious Moment "glass ball"...
Unwrapping my present to her... A bag charm & Precious Moment greeting card...
Our 'Motto'... Sweet!!
Catching up with them again soon.. This time for moi bday dinner outing!! ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dearest Daddy Birthday Celebrations

13 September - Pre-birthday lunch buffet gathering @ Saruka in Science Centre...
Wide variety of food, not too bad... only about $25 per pax.. Quite worth it actually... ;)
Best Parents in the World! See how cute they are!
Cutest & Best Granny in the World!!!

My favourite pretty aunts!

Best Godma in the World! (the 'extra' behind is cousin Vincent! dun play play, he's commando unit one lor!)

Best sibling in the World!! (@ least to me lah!) But smile until quite '勉强' hor! LOL

Best younger sister! (with her bf...)


18 September - Dinner @ CC Coffeeshop

Our Sumptous Dinner!!! (and Dad's Bday cake..)
Happy Birthday Dearest Daddy!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kenix's Wedding @ Fullerton Hotel 09.09.09

So sweet!!!

Us Gals!!!

The Guys!!!

The VIP table, so grand & big!! Nice!!

With the Gals...

Apparently, we all didn't really change much since poly days!! (I'm referring to physical appearance!)

Kena 'caught' camwhoring!!! LOL

Had asked one of the guys to help us take a photo... and i duno why he only took half of us???? LOL

Luckily, we still have another 'complete' group photo!!! Hahaha...
Fullerton's ballroom is reali spacious and nice decor.. But it's longish-rectangular room layout made those ppl sitting at the far-end corner unable to see much of the stage and where the bride & groom marched in... The food was so-so only lo.. I still prefer Conrad's!! ;)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Simply So Sweet!!!!!!

This is way too good, so how not to share with everyone!!!

"Stole" this off Sop's blog (with her permission of cos).. Couldn't resist it! This is such a beautiful phrase! This phrase is actually so 'Me', that's why I HAVE TO post it on my blog too! Thanks Sop!! (by the way, she has also 'stole' it from her friend on lei...) LOL...

THIS IS MOI MOTTO! This has always been my motto, even before I see this picture!!!

Anyway, isn't it better that to have a cheerful heart and smile lots, no matter what, so that everyone will also feel happy being around you! No point looking all gloomy & grumpy and all that, right?? Everyone sure have problems of their own, but why affect others' moods isn't it???

I've known some friends/people who has really seriously depressiong problems, but they also never let their lives' misfortune or what, to affect their nice attotude towards others! That's the moral man! Cheers to that!

Live each day in happiness, no matter what! Cos even if I may die today or anyday, I wanna die Happy! ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Generous Treat @ Taste Paradise (7 Sep)

A treat for us gals for our 'hard work'... Was asked to suggest where we should have this lunch treat so I casually suggested Taste Paradise @ ION and there we go!!!! ;p

I don't really like the sharkfin thou' cos there's a very strong taste like fish maw (i hate!).... The beef was really tender and tasty, the roast meat was good too... Fried rice was nice, but a little too dry... Overall, was quite a plesant experience! Well, for the amount spent (but it was a free meal for us), it should be good isn't it!!! LOL

Outdated Post: Miki's Bday Dinner!

Such an outdated post! LOL... And there are definitely gonna be more of 'outdated posts' coming up!! I'm just so lazy to update post lately!!! ZZzzzZZZzz

Gathered up on 1 Sep for Miki's bday (actual day was 3 Sep but she wasn't free)... She suggested Paulaner cos she said she'd always past by but never had a chance to dine there! Cool choice!! ;p

The life band is different from the usual one that i've seen for the past few yrs... Perhpas it was time for a change?? Or perhaps that usual group wasn't on for that nite??? But this group's not bad too, really... ;)

Our food!!! Well, we're here so German sausages are it!!! Hee....

The Drinks!!!! Miki drank orange juice (i think), cos she's sorta allergy to beer, while Jo drinks cranberry juice (so her!)....

This is the sweet birthday gal!!!
Was seated beside her so 'stole' a shot with her!!! LOL
And last but not least, a group pic!!! (abit blur thou')
And when I posted these pics on FB, Robot commented on why we didn't invite him for this outing since it was his actual birthday on the 1st!!! Oops, Robot, you know we have a reason for not asking you de okies.. Glad you're totally understanding about it!! Hee... Anyways,we did have another separate birthday outing for you & Miki + Feb another day k.... ;p


So many of them... My dearest Daddy, 2 colleagues in the same Division, my Boss, Robot, Miki, Feb & Fang (had a bday outing too & shall post up the pics real soon!)... Coming up are Liang, Tong, Pat, Kel, Jeff, Ivan.... There's alot of birthdays in October too! (including my own!!! LOL) I love October!! Yes, No????? ;p

Saturday, September 19, 2009

傻瓜 - 我们都一样....

Many of us are just like what the song has said... Why do we know but still continue being one.... Such an irony....

Lyrics: Landy Wen

Music: Wu Ke Qun

Translation: mellly -

qi shi ta zuo de huai shi wo men dou dong
We all know what bad things he has done

mei you shen me bu tong
Not much difference

眼光闪烁 暧昧流动
yan guang shan shuo ai mei liu dong
Roaming eyes and ambiguous relationships

bi shang yan dang zuo ting shuo
I close my eyes and pretend they're just hearsay

qi shi bie ren de zhao shu wo men dou dong
We know too well the tricks of others

mei you shen me bu tong
Not much difference

故作软弱 撒娇害羞
gu zuo ruan ruo sa jiao hai xiu
Pretend to be weak and shy

zhi shi you yi dian bie niu
It's only a little unnatural

sha gua ye xu dan chun de dong
Fools are perhaps innocent

ai de mei na me zuo zuo
Their love is not so pretentious

ai shang le wo bu bao liu
When I have fallen in love, I won't hold back

傻瓜 我们都一样
sha gua wo men dou yi yang
Fools we are, all the same

bei ai qing shang le you shang
Hurt by love time after time

xiang xin zhe ge ta bu yi yang
Believing that this one will be different

que you zai yi ci shou shang
And yet we get hurt once again

傻瓜 我们都一样
sha gua wo men dou yi yang
Fools we are, all the same

shou le shang que bu tou xiang
Hurt by love and yet never gave up

xiang xin fu chu hui you dai jia
Believing there will be a reward for our giving

dai jia zhi shi yi ju sha gua
And all it is, to be called a Fool

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun Outings with Adel, Vann & Phy

2nd Sept - Dinner @ Aston Prime and Drinks @ Alley Bar
Went to Astons Prime @ Centrepoint for dinner... 'Highly recommended" by WeiJie & HongPeng who has both had great experience there! LOL... The food was actually not bad.. Only thing is the service was a little slow and the waiter mixed up our orders abit... But overall, we had quite a pleasant experience on the food! And it wasn't that expensive actually.. It sure is worth it! Will definitely go back again... ;p

Headed down to Emerald Hill after dinner and decided to settle for Alley Bar.. This is the place we me & Phy used to frequent long long long time ago with a bunch of friends, whom we seldom contact nowadays.. But Alley Bar is reali quite a cosy, nice place to hang out.. Unless it gets too crowded, then it'll be too noisy to chat... Didn't stayed long too, had a drink each and off to home we go!!! And of cos, photo-taking session, not to be missed! ;p And next gathering session with this group shall be for my Bday! I'm so excited!


19th Aug - Powerhouse

Finally managed to arrange for a catch-up session after a long long long time (probably 1 year plus)... Met at Vivo sushi-tei for dinner, followed by a short drinks session at Powerhouse. All of us 'old' already, plus need to work the next day so we didn't stay long, left at ard 10.30pm. It was really a great catch up, just like old times... Glad that we are gonna have more chance of such gathering sessions, the next of which was for Adel's bday celebration!

And not forgetting, our photo-taking session!!!!