Saturday, January 30, 2010

Overload of Very Outdated Photos (Oct 09)

It's now 2010, October 2009 was like 4 months ago!!! And these are super, super outdated photos but I always don't seem to have time to edit & post em'!!! =X

So now, I've decided I'm just gonna select a few 'nicer' ones from each occasion to upload... So I'm done with Oct 2009 photos... Next will be Nov and Dec 2009 photos!! *hopefully* -__-"


2 Oct - Cousie Jo's wedding@ Furama Riverfront

Bestest gran, with bestest granchildren (too bad Kel was still in Shanghai)...
The "vain-ies" of the chew-family!


1o Oct - Jer's Bday Gathering @ Beds

See Jer's "buey gam buang" face. Cos I insisted of 'sharing' the cake cutting as it was just 3 days past my bday & I considered it as 'post-celebration' for moi too! LOLsss
And then I forced him to 'feed' me the cake!! =p

And then to Christina's Hens Party @ Double O!!! I brought the 'bride-head-dress' (I used that for my 2008 halloween) for her since she said she didn't prepare 1 herself and that her 'theme' for the night was BLACK!! But it's very nice & matching to her outfit can!!! =D

16 Oct - Christina's wedding dinner @ Holiday Inn Atrium

The infamous "Dragon-ball-hairstyle-Wayne"!!! So coincident that he was the emcee for the night!!! He seemed to be 'everywhere'!!! LOLxxxx


20 Oct - Godma's Bday Outing

Dinner @ MS Pariss
Then went to Swensens for (ice-cream) cake-cutting!!!

23 OCt Cousie Phy's pre-birthday celebration @ Beds

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sitting on the Roof....

Sop sweetie... if you happen to read this post, u will see this pic i got off ur blog... I wished the same as u do too... so let's hope we can have the chance to sit together on the roof and watch clouds go by.. And most importantly is to be carefree & at peace!!! =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally!!! I'm 90% sure that I'm Gonna GO FOR IT!!!

I have been procrastinating for so many years since I last took my Advanced Dip in Business (Management) in 2005, whether to further a Degree or not. Easy as it may seem to many, but not to me.

I have poor discipline when it comes to studying (I'm not really a very academically-inclined person) and I would have to be in the routine of working full-time, studying part-time.

When I took my Advanced Dip back then, I was also working and studying part-time, it was super stress and tiring for me okay!

But 2010, this is one resolution I MUST fufil (other than the losing-weight resolution, which has also been in the procrastinating-stage for so many years... LOL)!!!

But now I am in a dilemma on which one to take:

Option 1 (Total cost approx. S$14k):
Further a BA(Hons) in Business & Marketing from the Institution I obtained my Advanced Dip (Auston Institute), direct entry to 3rd year and only need to complete 6 modules within 10 months, Degree accreditation by Coventry University (England).

Option 2 (Total cos approx. S$20k):
Further a BSc (Hons) in Marketing from Kaplan with Advanced standing to enter 2nd year and to complete 12 modules within 18 months, Degree accreditation from National University of Ireland, Dublin.

There are also some other options available, but these 2 are the top 2 choices I am considering.

Sigh... Quite lost, really... Im very very interested to take the course from Auston as I am able to get a direct entry to 3rd year, but Coventry Uni does not seem to be quite 'known' or 'popular' in Singapore, as well as world-wide! Arrrggghhhhh!!!

The next intake for both are the same, by March for classes to start. I have to really make a decision like SOON, very SOON.. Probably have to sign on by end of this month, or latest by early Feb...Stress lah!!!

How how how how???? Should I just go ahead and sign up for the course from Kaplan?? Any suggestion from anyone please....!!!!??? -__-"

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

About thy Love & thy Feeling...

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!!

First post for 2010!!! Some nice & positive stuffs to start off the year!!! May everyone be blessed!! =)

New Year Resolution??? =p

About Happiness.... And being happy....

And........ PEACE to ALL!!! LOLxxx