Monday, August 31, 2009

A Crazy Night out @ BEDS

Went to BEDS last Friday, for a supposedly-relaxed-drinking-session.. End up 6 of us drank about 4 and a half barrels of beer which resulted in.....

Me (as usual) & Gerald looking drowsy.. But look how fresh awake Jo look!!!

Gerald, I only see your Darlie-White teeth... but... Where are your eyes!!!!! LOL
Jo, as usual, so ready for the cam and me, also as usual, the forever-sleepy-looking-face!! Muahahaha!
Give this gal some beer!!!! ;p
WTH do they think they are trying to proof wor??? *curious curious*
 The Boys!!!!
And not forgetting to take pic with The Boys!!! Nice!!!
By the end of the night, we were all almost half-gone! Probably me, especially... But can still go to the opposite and eat that 20bucks Bah Kut Teh lor!!!! But I slept on the cab the whole journey back home! Guess I was really exhausted from the lack of sleep the whole week!!! LOL... Whatever it is, fun is what is important!!! Hahaha...
BEDS again this Friday... Yippies!! But I hope I don't fall asleep before the night is over... Busy busy week!!! I'm so tired!!! Lack of sleep!!! Arrrggghhhh!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Article To Share: Online Health Myths -- Read This!!!!

Online health myths - BY Michael Tan

Myths and legends are often associated with the ancient past, with heroes and villains who most probably never existed. Or, if they did, their good or evil have been amplified to teach people about human strengths, frailties and vulnerabilities, usually coming from nature.

In the 21st century, even in the world's most modern cities, these stories are still going around but are now called urban myths and legends that are rapidly spread through SMS and the Internet. Like their ancient counterparts, these urban tales often have an element of truth in them and incorporate true-to-life individual events or experiences. Like older myths and legends, our modern ones mirror our anxieties and warn us about threats from people and from nature.

These cybermyths are particularly common as well for health issues, which shouldn't be surprising. Threats to our health are taken very personally, and when cybermyths go around citing personal experiences or quote doctors and health professionals, people feel uneasy, not wanting to believe such stories but not wanting to take chances, either. The health cybermyths also speak of our feelings of helplessness in modern society, often accompanied by fears of technology as well as social prejudices.

How then should we assess the stories we get through texted messages or e-mail?

Trust your instincts. Some of these cybermyths are so incredible it's amazing how people believe them at all. Stories that go, 'This is a true story' should make you wonder. Also check out, which is an amazing site that evaluates hundreds of urban myths and gives the facts.

Except for the myths about bangungot (sudden adult death syndrome) and soy products, the Snopes site rebutted some of the more popular health cybermyths that have been going around. Just goes to show how global these urban myths have gone.

Cybermyth 1: Fruits should be taken on an empty stomach for maximum benefit. If fruits are eaten with a meal, they begin to rot with the other food in the stomach and become harmful.

Facts: Snopes traces this urban myth back to 1998 with an article first produced by a Singaporean culinary writer. It first entered the Internet in 2001 and has been circulating with different versions, some including a claim that cold water after a meal causes cancer. These ideas come from a Herbert Sheton, who was a naturopath (not a physician) and who had been arrested several times for practicing medicine illegally. There is no basis to the claims made in this cybermyth about fruits. Food of any kind gets digested more quickly in a previously empty stomach, but you don't get more nutrients. Moreover, fruits will not rot in the stomach if mixed with other food.

I've read about this and I thought this is true... So after all, i've been following a wrong belief! LOL

Cybermyth 2: Chicken wings cause cancer. This was based, according to one e-mail, "on a US-based pharmacist who is a cousin of a colleague". A woman is operated on for uterine cysts, then has a relapse and her doctor asks if she takes chicken wings. He then warns her to stop because poultry farms inject chickens with the hormone estrogen, which goes up to high levels around the wings and causes cancer.

Facts: Many poultry farms use estrogen on chickens, but it doesn't have to be the wings alone that get a concentration. Moreover, it is not clear if estrogen in chicken meat will cause cancer. People generally fear hormones, which is why anti-family planning groups are able to scare people by claiming that the pill, which has estrogen, causes cancer. (The reality is that the pill can even protect against some cancers.)

I got a forwarded email on this and went on to forward to my other friends/colleagues.. But personally, I didn't think this was true so I have never abstain from eating chicken wings! It's one of my favourite food! Hahaha..

Cybermyth 3: A variation on the estrogen cybermyth: don't give your sons soy milk, taho (a popular Filipino snack made of bean curd, tapioca balls, and sweet sauce) or other soy products because soybeans contain 'estrogen-like substances' which will turn them homosexual.

Facts: High doses of estrogen can cause gynecomastia (enlarged breasts) in males, but the plant estrogens that do occur in soya are not sufficient to make men's breasts get bigger. Moreover, there is no link between estrogen and male homosexuality. This cybermyth clearly rides on homophobia.

And just to set the record straight, lest I end up creating another urban myth: whether you're male or female, soy milk won't give you larger breasts.

First time I heard about this.. Laugh until my jaw gonna drop! How would it be possible??? If so, then can we blame soya for the growing male Homo population??? Also, we'll know it's not true, should one ever said "I get my big boobs from drinking alot of soy milk!!" LOL

Cybermyth 4: Bangungot (sudden adult death syndrome) is caused by dehydration or electrolyte imbalance, which happens if you go to bed thirsty, or after drinking alcohol or eating noodles.

Facts: This is a mix of different theories about bangungot. Early studies suggested acute pancreatitis. When Singaporean researchers looked into bangungot deaths among Thai guest workers, they thought the condition might have something to do with a lack of potassium. Dehydration, alcohol and/or noodles have not been implicated, at least not directly.

There's more evidence now to suggest that bangungot is more of an inherited heart problem, and that individuals who are predisposed can suffer bangungot when they take certain medication. There's still some mystery around this condition, so expect more rumours to go around about its causes.

Never heard of this before wor... But if it's true, I probably should have died many times oredi.. -_-"

Cybermyth 5: Antiperspirants cause breast cancer because they prevent you from perspiring and releasing toxins.

Facts: This claim was based on a published study in 2004 that looked into 400 breast cancer survivors. Those who had 'more aggressive underarm habits' were reported to have caught cancer 22 years earlier. The study was criticised for its methodology and statistical analysis. Another subsequent study comparing women with and without breast cancer found no link to antiperspirants.

Another way of refuting this urban myth: Why don't men get breast cancer despite widespread use of antiperspirants? The legend-makers' answer? Men's antiperspirants tend to be sprayed and released into the air, reducing its dangers, while women apply the antiperspirants directly to their skin!

I think if this is true, it'll put many anti-perspirants/deodarant making Companies close down!!!! =X

Cybermyth 6: Recycling, heating or freezing thin plastic bottles release dioxins, which cause cancer.

Facts: Plastic bottles used for mineral water and other beverages are made out of polyethylene terephthalate or PET, which will not release chemicals when heated or frozen. Even if it did, PET does not have cancer-causing dioxins. PET bottle manufacturers do recommend that these be used only once, but this is more for hygienic reasons - cleaning the bottles is difficult and bacterial contamination can occur.

So it is actually very OK to re-use plastic bottles so long as we washed them thoroughly!

Cybermyth 7: Taking shrimps with vitamin C makes you more vulnerable to arsenic poisoning.

Facts: In the unlikely event that the shrimps' habitats are contaminated, they are not likely to cause poisoning to humans who eat the shrimps. The idea that arsenic has a special reaction with vitamin C has no scientific basis.

Think I heard about this long ago.. But it's never my concern anyway, since I don't usually mix this 2 together... Whichever case now, we all know it is not true at all, so there's no cause for worry! O.o

So these are just some of the myths, but sure there are lots more myths out there! Do you have any myths you know of, to share? ;p

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"He", who made me upset.. & Dyke's Bday Outing

Last Monday, "HE", who made me so upset/angry/disappointed, bought me a cute Kitty & sent me flowers at my office. This is the first time I have ever received a bouquet of flowers from "HIM", sent to office! I love the kitty & the flowers, but that does not appeased me. Cos I do not believe in "do-a-wrong-thing-and-buy-you-gifts" theory. I love to received surprises & gifts, but I do not prefer to receive them as a form of apology. To me, apology will only need the sincerity, remorse & a true promise of not making the same mistake again. Receiving gifts are a plus!

I told HIM, that the wrapping's really bad, looks abit orbit! -_-"
But the roses are nice, duno what colour exactly but it's like a combi of red-pink-orange...
So next time, I still wanna receive gifts & surprises (anytime, anywhere), but not as an apology. O.o

Last Sat 22 Aug, we went to Bugis area, for steamboat dinner for Dyke's birthday... The soup base's not bad.. We chose 'Shang Tang' & Tom Yam while Goh's side chose 'Shang Tang' & "Ma La"... Lucky for us, the tom yam wasn't too spicy (I can't really take spicy stuffs) but abit too salty thou'.. Complaints was that the "Ma La" soup, too spicy... LOL..
Headed for dessert after dinner, had wanted to go to this "Ah Chew dessert", but the place was packed and for the small area, it's rather hard to find a table that can fit the 10 of us.. We ended up in an 'empty' dessert shop just 2 units away..
This is a really big bowl of dessert! Fab & gf ordered this which is supposedly for 2-person-sharing.. This is the first time i'm seeing such a big bowl of dessert (except Swensen's large earthquake), it's about the size of a bowl of curry fish head (if you can imagine the size of it..)! But I suppose it should be quite yummy..
My Lychee Soda, not bad & Miki's Mango Pomelo Pudding, not bad but abit sour..
*Boring* Nothing much to blog about actually... But some interesting activities coming up!! ;p
Anyway, had went on a catch-up session with Adel, Vann & Phy last Wed but Phy have not sent us the photos yet!!! We'd went for dinner at Vivo Sushi-Tei (one of my fav place) then headed to PowerHouse for some drinks.. But headed for home before 11pm cos all of us *old oredi* feeling tired & also cos of the fact that we had to wake up early for work the next day... *yawnz* Guess will probably get the photos from Phy, in the next few months, cos she's always so 'busy'!! LOL..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Traders Hotel Lunch Buffet, Movies & One Rochester

Went to try out Trader's Hotel 1-for-1 promo lunch buffet... Overall was okay, better than Ritz Carlton, thou' here doesn't have Oysters & Sashimi (anyway the oyster was so limited & sashimi wasn't fresh).. The spread here was actually quite limited, but still reasonable for the promo price which works out to be SGD20.60 per pax.. But seriously, without the promo, I wouldn't actually consider coming for the buffet here.. =X
Anyway, the coincident thing was, I happen to bump into cousin 'missykaren' who was there for dept lunch!! Always didn't manage to successfully meet her up for drinks, but instead, bumped into her at the buffet! LOL...

The only seafood are mussels and prawns. But the prawns are fresh! They do not have sashimi, but have a little variety of sushi, which I was not interesting to try..
This is the area where they have some selections of cooked food.. Think we only tried the beef stew (not nice) and lemon chicken (not bad)...
I ate alot of the ham, corn and crabstick salad.. Too bad they didn't replenish the crabstick salad when it was finished.. It's really nice!
I think the kueh-pai-tee was the best food there... It's very nice! I ate like 6 of it! Yummy!!! ;p
The one on the left is the Lor-Mee, so-so... The other is they La-Mian, not nice at all, quite tasteless, had a hard time forcing it down... -_-
Finally, dessert time!!!
The desserts are not bad, but not much variaty thou'... The egg custard is nice, kueh lapis was abit too hard, egg tart abit tasteless, mango pudding (below lapis) & steam pear pudding (@ bottom most of the plate) were not too bad and the durian cake (@ the right of egg custard) was not bad, but the ones @ Orchard Hotel's much nicer..
Tried all the ice-cream flavours & had marshmallows with chocolate... Nice nice!!
The chocolate fondue... And they actually also have waffle which you could've eatne with ice-cream & chocolate sauce... But just too full to eat anymore...
Time to digest the food... So went over to ION for a walk.. It was my first time there! Quite crowded for a Fri afternn! Didn't really enjoyed walking there thou', so end up back at Shaw Isetan.. Headed over to Great World shortly after, to catch movies......

Ryan Reynolds is so hot (& he's actually Scarlet Johansson's hubby!!!)! So is Sandra Bullock.. Though you can see that she has aged, but she is still so beautiful.. Oh well, her acting skills are superb, as usual... It was a great movie, enjoyed watching it.. You've have expected a typical romance-comedy, but this storyline was slightly different in a certain sense... Talking about the storyline, would you think you could actually fall in love with someone you're hated so much, just over 3-days of spending good times together???
Well, I believe it is definitely possible... Love do happens unexpectedly... And it could just happen to you.. ;p
Decided to watch Bruno, since we had the time, so went for a quite bite at the foodcourt where I bumped into TDL's ex-colleague with her family having dinner... Gerald said I had a 'bumpy-day'... Funi...
Bruno Anyway, it's quite a crappy show, but funny... Can keep you laughing throughout the whole show... but there's this guy who was sitting beside us watching alone and over-doing his laughing.. Duh... Weirdo... -_-"
Headed over to On Rochester to relax abit.. It's nice to go on a cooling weather, at least it wasn't too hot that night.. I like the ambience, not too noisy and kinda romantic.. Hee... But of cos it's not really cheap to dine & drink here, so this is only the third time we are here & everytime we end up the same restaurant, probably the least expensive one there bah...??? ;p
It's too small to be seen clearly, but at the left side in the pic, is where the band is located. They sang very well and nice songs chosen as well.. right for the mood...
We had a different flavour of Archipelago beer each, and ordered meatball as a snack.. I wasn't hungry so I ate only 1 meatball, not too bad, but Ikea's meatballs are still better!! Haha..

By the way, they have this 'Martini Buffet' thingy, if I don't remember wrongly.. Pay 58++ per pax and can enjoy a drink-all-you-can martinis for 3hrs.. But I forgot when and what time.. Probably will try that next time...??

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Da Vinci Exhibition & Sciene Centre

Went to the Da Vinci exhibition with Winnie on Sunday 16 Aug, the last day of the exhibition at Science Centre. It was super crowded!!! Went Science Centre around 1pm and left there at aounrd 5pm!! Spent such a long time there cos we gotta queue awhile to enter the Da Vinci exhibition and also while inside, we gotta take some time to move around as there were just too many ppl inside.. Also, afterwe were done at Da Vinci, we went to check out the main Science Centre, cos we took the 'package', adding $1 more on top of the $15 Da Vinci entrace fee, so as to enter Science Centre as well! ;p

Inside the exhibition hall, strictly no photography or videography.. Thus we can only manage to take some pictures at the entrance...

The Vitruvian_Man This is a poster of the Mona Lisa at the entrance... The exhibit of the many Mona Lisa's paintings inside are simply amazing!!! It's a great eye-opener for me in that aspect... Enjoyed all the paintings a great deal!!!
Headed to the Science Centre after we were done with the Da Vinci exhibition.. Think the last time I ever stepped into Science Centre was during my Primary School days, on a expedition organised by the school!!

Went to this section talking about moculelar stuffs and all that... Found this BuckyBall and Carbon Nanotubes interesting....
Went to the Robotics section and saw this cute robotic girl! soooo cute!!! I wanna bring it home.... ;p
Check out the classic 'water bottle' handphone! I remember it was like more than 10years ago when pl are still using this!!! Omigosh!!!! Have you personally seen, touched & used one??
Check out these african roaches! Totally grossed out!!!!
See these cute little chicks!!!! Reminds me of the time when I was in Primary school & I did rear chickens.... ;p
Complete skeleton of a fish
This amuses me.. Complete skeleton of a Chicken.. O.o
Skeleton of a frog.... -_-
It has been quite fun visiting the Science Centre after such a long long time... Hmmmm... What's the next fun thing to do..... I'm thinking, I'm thinking........ ;)
Anyway, went back for a Birthday dinner with Aunt Chris, my 2nd fav aunt! Happy Birthday! ;p

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A visit to a million-dollar house!!!

Finally.... B invited us to his new place on Friday (14 Aug) for a House-Warming session... Dunno what to buy for him cos he practically have anything & everything he needed and we probably can't afford whatever he still needs... LOL... So a few of us shared to buy a bottle of red & white wine, which he generously opened up to share with all of us... Hee...

The living area.. The moment you step into his house, you will be greeting with massive white decor.. white walls, curtains, sofa, table etc... the whole house is a feeling of clean & purity... white & glass themed.. nice...
Saw this huge mirror at the hall area and went 'crazy' over it... the mirror is so pretty pretty pretty!!!!
Hmmm... What's with the black cage....????
He has this comfy chair in the hall.... You can sit there, relax & have a view of the sky through the glass roofing.....
And there is a Koi pond right beside, underneath the stairs!!!!
Another comfy chair at the other side of the hall, where you can lay there and watch the sky too...
And this is the view of the roof....
And this too.....See the whole place, so clear, so clean......
The 'challenge'!!! To walk up the glass stairs... It does scares you a little cos you will worry whether the glass will break on your weight or not... But obviously it won't lah... Walking up was a little scary (for me)...
But I almost freaked out when walking down the stairs.. I dunno why... I felt so wimpish lor... Everyone was walking down after viewing the whole place and I was the last... I actually shrieked out (softly), for them to "wait up"! I felt so embarrassed can! AB actually asked if I;m afraid of heights... -_-" But seriously, I was reali afraid that one of the glass step will break when I step on it & I will free fall down to the ground, with serious injuries!!! The 2nd storey-Bedroom 1... Everything was so whitish! And it's those really simple design, yet cosy looking... One side of the room, there is the built-in wardrobe... another side, is also "built-in wardrobe", but just the cabinet door... Cos when you open it, it's actually the bathroom!!! Cool design!
I took the pic of this bathroom through the door at the corridor... And this bathroom is the one where it leads to the room's cabinet door... but you can only open the cabinet door from the room, not the toilet... Hee... And I thought the toilet bowl actually look like a dinosaur egg! Haha..
The walk way being full-glassed, doesn't help in making me paranoid when walking through each of them... I couldn't look down, I have to look way ahead so that my mind will be kept out of the "fear".... I'm reali so lousy.. Guess when you get older, you heart gets weaker & every little thing seem to just make you cringe!
The Master Bedroom, on the 2nd storey as well... A study table too, for working working working..... This room's toilet is at the right corner of the room, only 1 way door access... Not so 'interesting' like the other one...
The guest room on the 3rd storey.... It's like a mini studio apt, without the kitchen area... The toilet is not enclosed up!! Only shower area enclosed with tempered glass... Hmmm, wouldn't the parquet flooring damage easily??? Nonethelss, interesting concept thou'... ;p
And I love this mirror in the room!!! But the one in the hall is still no.1 love! Hahaha...
Took this picture of the glass stairs & walk way from the 3rd storey..
The "TV room"... Oh, did I mentioned, there's no TV in the hall, just a CD player and speakers This room's on the 3rd storey, opposite the guest room... There's only a flat screen TV, but the room's supposedly not finished with the set-up... He'll probably do up the dvd player, sound system and all that kinda stuff soon...
This is such a pretty candle!!! Just wished I could bring it home with me!!!!! ;p
The 2 obedient pet dogs!! They're friendly, they dun bark at you or like go ard licking every part of you when they come close to you... they gently come up to you when you go near them and sniff you for awhile, then they'll just make themself comfortable... But they do give out a soft bark, each time the doorbell rings... ;p
The kitchen... It's rather small thou' in comparison to the bedrooms..... Mdm Tan's cutey baby anders... Duno whether is it just mere coincident... everytime one of our indian male colleague tried to carry or get close to him, he'll end up brawling!!! Hahahaha..
B's into those historical artefacts, potrait etc... This one of an ancient chinese official sits at his dining area!Our dinner!!! We were all so hungry by the time we finish touring his huge house!!!
Superlicious Ice-Cream cake!!! Complimentary from Boss's nephew!! So nice!!!
It's really an eye-opener... B has took great effort doing up his house!!! It's really very nice... But I wouldn't like it... Cos the house is too huge and too little ppl staying.. It makes the whole house so quiet and lonely... If I have the $$$ I'd prefer to stay in a Condo penthouse!! *Dream on*..... O.o

After that headed down to Zouk with Gaya & Shireen for a short, relaxed drinks session...
Current FAVOURITE drink - The Jager Bomb!!! Other than beer, this is on my top 3 "Drinks-I-LOVE-List"... I must order this each time I go to Zouk!!! Didn't know about this drink until I was introduced to it by cousin Des friend!! And now I'm so in LOVE with this... But of cos Beer is still no.1, followed by Jager Bomb, then Rose wine!!! Sout used to be top 3, but not anymore, too heaty liaoz... Hee.... And nope, i'm totally not an alcoholic, I only drink moderately & leisurely... LOL