Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hong Kong/Macau Holiday with BFFs!!! (Macau)

Overload of photos.... Short holiday trip with BFFs to Hong Kong & Macau, and took about 200 photos!!!! More photos taken at Hong Kong, so I shall finish with Macau's post, then Hong Kong... Expect more photos to come........ ;p

19-20 July 2009 Macau: The 'Asia Las Vegas'... I call it "The Land of Casinos"!!!!!

On the ferry.... about 45minutes ride... Typhoon last night, so the water is more choppy.... rough ride... But still manage to catch a winker!!! LOL
Reached Macau!! At the ferry terminal taxi stand!!
Reached the Hotel & checked in...
The room... Quite spacious and it's clean!
The Casinos, during daytime....
On the way to ST Paul's ruins!
Went into the Largo De S. Domingos.... Nope, not christian, just posing for the photo.. Jolene took 1 such photo too... ;p

Went to check out St Paul's ruins! Nothing much interesting, but nice for photo-taking thou'...

Walked around abit and went up to the Macau Museum! SGD5 per entry per pax! IT's some historical stuffs about Macau... Again, nice for taking photos!! LOL

A view of Macau taken from the Museum! Walking down from St Paul's ruins...
The famous Macau BBQ Pork bun w/bubble milk tea! Wonder why, but I thinkg the milk tea is so much nicer than the ones in S'pore!! See the greedy Jolene... But she can eat alot alot and still so slim... *ENVY ENVY*And the 'must-try' famous Macau Portugese egg tarts! We bought 1 box of mini egg tarts back to hotel, but didn't have time to eat them until the next day when we were back at S'pore airport! Thou overnight and cold, it's still superlicious!!!! Yummy!!! Clarice finally reach Macau and came over to join us!
The Streets of Macau, alot of 'historical buildings'....
Freshened up & ready to hit the Casinos!!! But not forgetting a group photo first! Macau @ Night - The colourful lightings of the Casinos

This is the hotel where I lost HKD500 in the Casino, by play "大小".... -_-" Wynn Hotel have this damn big fountain infront where they periodically have this show, quite spectacular... Spraying water... And fire too!!!
Check out this classy big red chandlier light @ Wynn Hotel's main lobby!!!
Just before stepping into the Casino. saw these huge mirrors along the walls with big pearl-like frame! Nice.. Gotta take a shot!!!
Finally left the Casino @ 10+ and walked around, in search for a 茶餐厅for our dinner/supper... After walking round half of Macau (yes, i exaggerated!), we finally founf 1 which is so near the hotel we stayed at!!!
The iced 'yuan-yang' is very nice!!! I think it taste so much better than the one I have at 翠华餐厅in Hong Kong! Check out the cute 'rooster' sugaer packaging!
This was what we had at in Hong Kong and we are still eating the same now in Macau!! We had the 猪扒包as well!!!
Lunch @ the same 茶餐厅where we had our dinner/supper last night...

@ Macau Airport, waiting to board the plane back to S'pore... These stuff-toy ice-cream are damn cute right... Robot's group of friends went to Ocean Park at HK, they plyed the games there and won so so so so many bags of stuff toys lor!!! So they gave him 1 bag.. Me and Jolene each took 1 of the medium size ice-cream... Hee....

Bye Bye Macau!!!