Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TW Holiday 2012: 9-15 Feb

It's has been more than a month since me & Bff are back from our holiday trip to Taiwan.. But we are both still missing the place SO much!!! So much that we are already trying to plan another trip to Taiwan again!!! But probably to visit other places like Kao Hsiung, Tai Chung, Ali-Shan etc... This trip, other than staying in Taipei, we visited Hua Lien, Cing Jing and HeHuan-Shan... Totally missed Cing Jing the most... It's so scenic there, so peaceful, so relaxed, cooling, serenity feel..... Wooh... Just typing these now makes me think and miss the place terribly!!! =(

Well.... Pictures speaks a thousands words.... Some consolidated pics from the trip.....

Fav Bubble-Tea! A MUST-HAVE! =)

Visited another of Jay's restaurant this trip.. Main focus of the restaurant are on Tofu-dishes... Not too bad actually...

Had a short but nice dinner-cum-dessert catch up session with Wendy on our third day in Taipei... Missing her oredi...

Our 4th Day was spent at Hualien. Took a train ride there in the morning and stayed one night at a 民宿... We were lucky to be given the attic room since it was vacant! The room's cosy with a small little balcony... Nice.... We even went cycling to the "Rocky-Beach"!

Then the next day our hired-driver came to pick us up to drive us to Cing Jing, but we had a tour up to 合欢山 for sight-seeing and photo-taking session! Didn't see snowing thou... But at least we get to feel the snow on the ground and enjoy the coldness!

We spent our last day of the trip back in Taipei and as we are taking the evening flight, we made prior reservations to have lunch at the Hello Kitty Restaurant! Everything's so pink, so sweet, so cute! Wished we had just went ahead to buy one of the Kitty cakes back to S'pore!!! =)

Coincidentally, I was so dressed to the kitty-coloured-theme!! Heeeeee....
[Had to crop away the head cos the photo was kinda blur and my face was like distorted.. =( some ppl might tink it's unlucky to crop photos, but personally, I don't reali bother abt such... =P ]

Had plans to head back to TW again end this year with The BFF again... We had plans to countdown overseas for a change & thought it might be good to go back to TW for the countdown!! Planning, planning, planning.... Am so excited for end year to come! =)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dressings, Outfits, Styles etc...

I always see ppl (friends or random ppl) posts about what they wearing, what they wore, what they like to wear etc etc... It always seemed kinda interesting to me to observe others' dressing/dress sense... In my opinion, everyone has got their own tastes/styles/preferences and I would say there's no actual right/wrong way of dressing, so long as it looks presentable, comfy and NOT weird-looking! LOL

Anyways, since it's like a quite interesting topic, I shall try posting more often of such, but of cos about myself, my own style...

Firstly, my MOST FAV way of dressing:

Slight over-size blouse (with sleeves definitely!) with pants/skirts/shorts/jeans depending on whether it's to work, on dress-down-Fridays or on casual weekends!

Cos to begin with, in my context, I'm not slim enough (actually has been verified by MANY ppl that this is true), so I don't wear sleeveless tops anymore (don't wanna reveal my not-slim-enough-flabby-arms) and body-hugging tops are definitely NO-NO (don't wanna be such a turn-off, showing ppl my few layers of "love-handles")! LOL... So the best way of dressing for me is to ensure I feel comfy and not having to be too conscious of revealing my not-slim-areas of my body... Afterall, I don't really wanna show ppl too much of my "flaws" ya.. Haaaaa....

Oh, and I LOVE accesorizing!!!! I have tons of necklaces and bracelets... But i'm not quite an earring or ring person thou'...

Various casual style of dressing which I do too, or prefer to dress... =)

Which style do you prefer??

Moi 'Style' for today:

Casually comfy, yet still considered Smart-Casual for office style.

Only diff, I wore a black capris and cobalt blue top (w/o collar & buttons) instead.. But rather similar style! ;)

DISCLAIMER: This pic is definitely NOT me (I wish!!). I don't really have the habit of self-taking pic my outfit so I had to find a pic of someone else with similar dressing, off the website! Teehee!! =D

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Touch of Sweetness...

I had a actual, momentary kinda sweet feeling just now... It just felt like...... It feels pretty strange for I haven't felt much of those sweet warmth for awhile already...

But it somehow still does felt good...

It made me feel like I'm these nice ballons that are floating at the ceiling.... I had a short bout' of this feeling too.....
Maybe I just missed this kinda feeling... Or maybe it is REALLY the kinda feeling I need.... I'm not sure about it thou'.... Oh well, life still goes on great anyways.. =P
Still gonna live happy, sweet, fulfilling... Cheers!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Duffy & Shelliemay

Call me ignorant or noob or wat, but I didn't know about Duffy & Shelliemay until my BFF mentioned to me abt it and my colleague who talked about it too.... -.-

And so, during my holiday trip to Hk last Nov, BFF-Cla bought this little cute one and I decided to buy one for myself and for Bff-Jo too!!! =D
It is indeed very cute... But then, I still prefer it in mini-size! I've brought it to places... Batam was its first overseas trip... Followed by the recent TW holiday last month!! And the next holiday I'm bringing Duffy & Shelliemay to, is to one of my fav country, THAILAND!!! Swa-Wa-Dee-Ka!!!! Yes, I'm going BKK at end-Apr, this year's Co.'s trip! And I'm gonna extend my stay over to Phuket (hopefully) to join my cousie & her hubby + frens! Yay!!! The Land of Smiles >>> I'm coming to you in another 50 days!!! Boy, it's like such a LONG wait!!! =(
Anyways, I got this cutey mini-Shelliemay, courtesy of my dear colleagues AC & CLC, who bought this as souvenir from their Tokyo holiday trip!!! Awwww... So sweet of them!!!! And my, I wish I could go Tokyo too!!!! =\Ain't this mini-duo just SO cute!!! I look at them every night before I sleep.... They're simply adorable!!! Luv em'!! =)Alright, it's late... Gotta work tmr.... Sweet Dreams..... Maybe I'll dream of lazing around some nice resort at the Land of Sand, Sea, Sun & Smile!! ;)