Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Boss!!!

Today is my Boss birthday and he decided that we should go for lunch at Tower Club!!!! Finally, my very first time there!!!! We went for the Chinese cuisine, which is on the 63rd storey (if i dun rem wrongly??)....
Check out the view!
The cutlery are all VERSACE one can!!!!!
The food's not too bad... The venison meat with ee-fu noodles is the most tasty to me... The venison meat is oh so tender, abit like beef lidat!!!
And it's actually NOT reali that ex lah... about $58++ per pax for their set lunch....
Happy Birthday Mr Chong!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quick Update -- Busy.Busy.Busy

Woooo... It's almost 10days since my last update... As usual, I'm like so busy... with what??? Duno wor... Anyways, alot of stuffs happened lately... Quite irritated sometimes... But still, never fail to get over and move on from it... =)

Below are just some interesting stuffs I wanna share.. I think they're all quite cool & I'm gonna remember & "use" them wisely... LOLssss...

This is probably something that many of us are guilty at... No???? Dun lie lah... =p
I LOVE this!!!!!

I'm gonna LIVE by this!!!

This is what I have always been doing & is still doing the same... This IS me... =)

Okay, I'm so tired... Imma gonna sleep now... The next couple of days is gonna be damn tiring, but packed with fun!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!!! Cheers!!! =D

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Not sure why, but I'm so attracted to this song right now... The nostalgic melody, the title of the song, the lyrics.... So beautiful... So much feeling.... I can listen to it a hundred times and still feel very strongly about it... Just listen, and enjoy....

~ MEMORIES By Within Temptations ~

In this world you tried,
Not leaving me alone behind.
There's no other way,
I pray to the gods let him stay.
The memories ease the pain inside,
And now I know why.

All of my memories keep you near.
In silent moments,
Imagining you here.
All of my memories keep you near,
In silent whispers, silent tears

Made me promise I'd try,
To find my way back in this life.
Hope there is a way,
To give me a sign you're okay.
Reminds me again it's worth it all,
So I can go home.

All of my memories keep you near.
In silent moments,
Imagining you here.
All of my memories keep you near.
In silent whispers, silent tears.

Together in all these memories,
I see your smile.
All of the memories I hold dear.
Darling you know I'll love you,
Til the end of time.

All of my memories keep you near
In silent moments,
Imagining you here.
All of my memories keep you near,
In silent whispers, silent tears.

All of my memories...

There I was, sitting with my booze... Reminiscing the memories I've ever had in my life up to now... Especially the ones I've had in my recent 5-6 years... But memories are just memories, good or bad, happy or sad... some are there to stay and some are meant to fade.... Whatever it is, life is too short to let ourselves live in the shadows of our past... be it good one or bad... You cannot separate a shadow from its source, but darkness is simply the absence of light ... Just walk out into the light and move towards a better life ahead.. Always believe that life has so much more meaning... Life is a gift, embrace it, live happy, live as a useful person, live strong, live well... Live.....

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

1st of June 2010...

Gosh!!! So fast, it's June oredi?!?!?!?!? What??? Half a year has just zooooommmmmmed by!!!!! Time seems to be passing by faster & faster & faster when you get older...=X

So much things have happened within this one month... Both good & bad.... But apparently, i've been living an even more fruitful life, I would say, within this month itself!! Naise... =D

But still I've lotsa undone stuffs... Like sort out my April HK Trip photos, BFFs' birthday outings photos, Gerald's birthday dinner outing & Batam trip photos!!!

Woooooohhh, so many things to do, so little time... And I'm so lack of sleep too... But nonetheless, I'm happy everyday.... And this is what is most important!!! =)

Yes, I am still ALIVE... So whatever bad things that have ever happened, has already happened as a matter of fact... Thou the scar is for life, but.... what's done, cannot be undone.. Embrace it, move on & learn to be a strong, better person...

This is soooo gonna be MOI from now on!!!!

Isn't this just so true??? Yes, No??? Hmmmm....

And YES, I'm SO not gonna care whether YOU like it or not... Cos this IS MY life, why should I bother???

Do you feel this way at times??? I sometimes (secretly) DOES!!!! LOL

Well, this is just waaayyyyyy too COOL!!! =p

Yeah!!! Be ORIGINAL!!!! ;)

Last but not least, a cute one, to end this post.... Cheerios!!! *Happy Happy*