Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Place where RETRO comes to LIVE!!!

Random outdated pictures taken @ The "Favourite Place"..... But it's been quite some time since we last went, which should be for my birthday celebration... Old liaoz bah, cannot tahan going here on a weekday anymore!! So tiring!! LOL.. -_-"

I'm feel kinda sad actually... I really miss all these super fun times with BFFs and friends.. Plus, I've missed out the crazily-fun Halloween outing with them and yet, i'm gonna miss another fun outing with them... tmr nite, for KYY's birthday... So coincidentally unfortunate for me that I'm gonna miss quite a few great/impt events while I'm away @ KL from tmr nite to Sat...

With The BFFs..
BFFs again... Love em' ALL!!!

With BFFs & 'her' BF... =p
BFFs & a nice new fren... =D
With my favourite 'sweetie pie' Sop Sop & her fren...
BFF lo.... *loves*
The great gals...
OMGosh... I look so 'sleepy' ritez... LOL

The great/impt events I'm gonna miss:
Firstly, TT's bday celebration and also KYY's bday bash, both on Wed nite.
Secondly, my mum's superb laksa she's gonna be cooking for dinner on Thu nite.
Thirdly, (sexy mama)Sherie's bday celebration on Fri nite.

An another very important event that i'm gonna miss out is a 'gathering' with "Mdm Tong" who has came back from Sydney for a month before she head back again.. This is really the saddest one lor!!! Cos she should be leaving soon and not sure when she's gonna come back to S'pore again lei... ='(

But whatever it is, I'm gonna head to KL Zouk for their Wed 25 Nov: Mambo Jambo nite! Something I've really been looking forward to, cos I wanna see how KL Zouk differs from the Zouk here!!! Teehee... And Winnilicious is really nice enuf to agree to go Zouk with me!!! Yippie!!! Anyways, not gonna be like a 'hard-core clubber' there, but just to check-out the place, have a drink or two to relax abit, then head back to the comfort of the nice hotel to have a good rest!!!

Got this off KL Zouk's website!! Mambo Jambo... Here we come!!!! =p
Okie, 'check-listing time:
Bag has been packed, Passport, Air Tix &Hotel confirmation ready, clothes to wear tmr set; blogged, Face-booked.. Time to sleep & get ready for the long long day tmr... Working from 9am-6pm, then head down to airport for the 8+pm flight!! Tiring nah!!! -_-

Goodbye to my darlings, my BFFs, my nice friends (whom I was supposed to meet for these few days that i'm going o KL), Singapore etc... LOLxxx... I'll be back on Sat night! Till then..... =D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ninja Assassin is gonna be launched at cinemas next week! I'm so gonna watch it!! Not really an avid fan of Rain, but I've watched him sing & dance on TV, he's really great, very talented. Not exactly those super handsome or boyish-good-looking kinda guy, but he definitely have the charm! I've watched "Full House" like 3-4 times and he's really great in the show. Really love that show!

Well, most celebrities sure have their fair share of good and/or bad critcis abt them, Rain definitely won't be spared of it. But I've read articles about him (& his background) on papers, internet, and I've watched a documentary about him too. He seemed to be a really great guy. (but of cos things we read/see through media channel may not be 100% true..) But then again, so long as he sings, dance, act well and we get entertained watching him, why bother so much, right?? Just enjoy! =p

Anyways, I'm going to KL for the long weekend next week!!! Anyone from KL able to advise me on the weather there right now???? ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A short random post....

This is sooooo ME! =p
But on a side note, it doesn't always turn out in the good way you have expected it to be... be prepared for some disappointments too!
A very straightforward message... So for those who did bad stuffs, beware ya... =x
Yes, happiness is something that no money can buy.... we all know that, actually... =.=
Do you know which one to do?????? >.<
It's not about being a pretender, it's just about having a positive mindset! =)
Have you found such a 'someone'??? O_o
Finally, this is really totally random... My Poly Graduation photo!!! Woohoo~~ LOLxxxxxx

Orite... I so wanna post my BKK trip photos soon!!! I've just uploaded them onto FB, so many photos.... of FOOD!!!!! Muahahahahaha...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Post-Bkk Holiday 'Blues'...... -_-"

Orite, I haven't blogged for like just over a week.. I went BKK for holiday & spent my Halloween night resting in the hotel!! O.o... And well, I still miss the great and inexpensive shopping and food indulgence in Bangkok, even thou' i was practically sick the whole time while I was holiday-ing there.. Oh, and the weather there is something I really miss too... It's sunny in the daytime, but not all hot and humid like in S'pore, and at night, you would actually feel chilly.. Great weather, loves!!!!! =p

Didn't have a great start anyways.. Firstly, baggage delayed (was informed that S'pore side missed out loading my luggage onto the same flight i was at) and next bad thing, we got nasty 'surprises' the hotel we stayed in!!! -_-" (First House Hotel: me & whole family stayed there abt 3yrs+ ago & it was a reali not bad hotel for the low budget)!! Ok, I shall elaborate these 'unpleasant-ness' in my blog post about my BKK trip..

Orite, cute pictures time!!!
This somewhat reminds me of the position im in right now, except that i'm not sleeping yet, but typing away on my netbook... LOLxxxx...
Sweetie marshmallows!!! I reali love to eat marshmallows!!! Love the softness and the sweetness... I usually buy those marshmallows mix from mini-toons... I love colourful, sweet things!!! =p
And that day after I saw the pic of the lovely heart-shaped marshmallows above, I had to buy a packet to satisfy my cravings & mad happy that I managed to get this fat-free one from Carrefour!!! Woohooo~!!!
Oops, 3+am... Sleepy time!!! (And I think I feel that 'flu-virus' could be visiting me soon...) Better sleep now!!! =.=