Monday, December 27, 2010

Great Christmas 2010!

Boxing day's over... But well, most of my X'mas pressies were oredi opened on X'mas eve.... =) This year's X'mas had been great! Just as great this year's birthday celebrations.... Gave out LOTSA pressies (almost 60 of them!!) Received lotsa great pressies this year as well... One of the pressies was actually one of the best & most valuable tat i've ever rec'd in my whole lifetime up til now... Am really appreciative and thankful to that 'person'! =)
This year, I was packed with lotsa activities in December, with 2 weddings, a few birthdays and many X'mas lunches/ dinners/ gatherings.... Tired but happy... In this sense, i've 'Lose some but gained alot'!! Lose lotsa sleep, but gained losta fun and joy!!

Had a pre-Xmas luncheon cum gift exchange on the 17th with the littlemisscheeky-cousie at Illuma, Chef Daniel's kitchen! First time there to try the lunch set, which is pretty value-for-$$, 3-course meal (soup, main course, dessert) for $10.50! The food's not bad also nah.... Thanks cousie, for the sweet pressie you gave... =)

And on the 18th, we had an advanced X'mas dinner-cum-gift-exchange and advanced bday celebration for mummy!

For our gift exchange! Think there should be 20 gifts...
And not forgetting a family photo! =)

Then on the 21st, 'er jie' organised a pre-Xmas gathering dinner and we went to Brotzeit @ Vivo... Yummy food and beer + great chatting session wif the sistas! Thank you sistas for the nice Xmas pressies... Dajie got us chocolates from Awfully Chocolate, Erjie got us towel set from Taka & Xiaomei got me a nice necklace! Anyways, hope the sistas liked wat I got for them! =)
This year, with new 'members' to our PCS Team, our gift exchange seems more exciting... haaaa... given out and recevied some reali nice gifts from the colleagues... Thks to the nice colleagues and to the ex-colleague who gave me a pair of self-made earrings... =) Some of the pressies rec'd.... Most of my pressies are still in the office, with gift wrappers on... Gotta take those to be brought home, by 'batches' tmr onwards... heeee....

On X'mas eve, only half-work-day... So went to meet the ex-colleague, winnilicious, at Far East Sq, for a short drink after work.... Thks to her, for the bling-bear-necklace... Glad she liked the gifts I got her....

After that I met up with the bff at my office building and took cab over to Ms Tan's house to await for the rest to come, for our Xmas gathering dinner & gift exchange! Lucky or wat, I got back my own gift I got the the gift exchange and I totally dun mind getting it back anyways... LOL... And guess what, I got a bottle of bird's nest for the gift exchange!!! Haaaa.....It was a fun night at Ms Tan's place.... Had so much fun & laughter playing card games and forfeiting on booze!!

Headed down to West Coast Park to join the other-gang of peeps for some pinic-ing! Haaa.... Went to have some fun with the flying-fox thingy with the gals.... It was really fun lor... We were like big little kids!!! =p

On Xmas day, it was a pretty packed day too... Woke up in the aftnn and headed out to Marina with GC & Dun to meet an old friend for kopi... And while we were there, I reckon I should check out the shops for abit of shopping and guess what? I saw SALES!!! So I bought 2 pairs of red heels, a pair of gray heels, a pair of red slippers and a red bag in another shop, all within 20mins! I've always wanted to get red shoes and I got 3 pairs in one shot! Plus a red bag (which I've eyed & checked out for more than 3 times before I finally bought it!).... CNY is just barely 2mths later so the REDs are just nice for the occasion!

Went to AMK to bring grandma out for her advanced bday dinner at 'Tian-Wai-Tian".. Happy Birthday Grandma!
After dinner had to rush over to Ms Sin's place to join them for the Xmas gathering.. Tired much, but was glad to get together again... Watched some movies, had some booze, some chatting and off to the Home to rest.....

Christmas gatherings were more or less done with.... It was a really really great Xmas... And now to look fwd to the New Year's countdown party at Ms Sin's place again... more food, wine, champange, beer!!! And most importantly, the FUN we're gonna be having!!!

It's getting late, so abrupt ending here... Merry X'mas to all and have great new year's celebrations!!! May everyone have great 2011 ahead! Cheers!!! =)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jingle Bells... I LOVE X'mas!!

Less than 10 days to X'mas!! Yay!! I love X'mas simply becos it's a season for sharing love, joy and pressies!!!! I've oredi bought like 40 over gifts and counting... But it's fun!!

And X'mas is the time where we get to see all those beautifully lighted & decorated X'mas trees!!!

And NOT forgetting, the different logcakes we'll get to eat!!! And many X'mas luncheons & dinners too!! Othen than CNY, X'mas is also the period where I indulge into too much good food & end up putting on weight!!! LOL...
This December has been a really really busy month for me... Busier than past years becos I have 2 important weddings, and both happening this weekend!!

I'm gonna be one of the 'sistas' (aka 'Jie Mei') for AG's wedding on Sunday... So excited! This would be my 6th or 7th time, but well, IT IS FUN lah!! I love attending weddings! And I definitely enjoy being a 'Jie Mei' cos we can have lotsa fun during the gate-crashing!!! Muahahahaha....

Anyways, 2010 is ending soon and a great 2011 is waiting ahead for me, for us all!! Busy month, busy busy busy... Haaa... Don't even have much time to update my blog, even FB!!! LOL... Still got losta pressies not wrapped!! Gahhhh... Time is SO not enuf!! =X

Okay, I'm just gonna abruptly end this post! Wishing everyone an Advanced Merry Christmas and a Great 2011 ahead!!! Have fun and enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

GOSH!!! It's DEC already!!!!

Time really flies!!! It's like in a blink of eye, DECEMBER liaoz!!! 2010 is ENDING oredi!!!! And i still have so much unfinished things to do and yet just too busy with too many activities in Dec!!! Just had 2 bday celbrations, 1 more latera few catch-up sessions, 2 weddings, mummy's bday, X'mas dinners/celebrations, another couple of bdays and then new year's celebration!!!!

Anyways, this year wasn't exacly a very smooth and great year for me, but it wasn't too bad a year for me too..... So much have happened this year... So much UPs & DOWNs, so much unhappiness and even more happiness (lucky me!)....

There's the saying "gain some, lose some" and also "you can lose it all, but never lose wat u learnt from it".... Failure makes us try harder.. What doens't kill us, makes us stronger!!!

I've lost some very very important things in life, but at the same time, I gained alot of very important things...

Anyways, I guess in life, we're bound to go thru' some tough periods to make us realised and appreciate the great things ard us....
And this, I'm blessed enuf to have, alot of them in fact... My great family, bffs, buddies, old/new friends etc etc..... =D

Well well.... no matter what, this is still a very important thing in our lives.... Dun try to hard to seek for it... Let it seek you... Fate and destiny, it's all meant to be... If it is, it will be and if it's not, it will NEVER be.... ;)
Okay, so in the meantime, let's not think too much, just be this.......
Come on, life is too SHORT to be unhappy, miserable, pathetic, grouchy, etc etc etc....... Just be happy, when you feel happy, people around you will feel it too and they will then feel happy.... I have never been more fun-lovin' than I ever am, right now... Perhaps sometimes, ppl have to go thru' certain things before they can actually 'open up' or simply say 'see-open'... LOL....

Well for me, i've definitely have a different perspective of life right now, after these few months.... It's never too short/long a time to change, for better or for worst, it's the same... It's just about getting the right mindset about life, about things.....

So loosen up abit, once in awhile let ur hair down, have fun, relax, chill, eat, drink, make merry, or do whatever that can make you HAPPY!!! Cheers!!! =)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

One of my greatest fear!!!

Learnt something new today, while at the same time, realised one of my greatest FEAR!!! I OFFICIALLY have OBESOPHOBIA!!! And I'm sure there're many others who're the same.... =X

I'm such a GLUTTON and I really LOVE eating nice food!!! Too bad as you aged, your METABOLISM rate DROP tremendously!!! But everyone will SUFFER this 'fate', but I DO!!!! Sad much!!!

BUT BUT BUT BUT..... What to do right?? It's just too hard to resist TEMPTATIONS!!!
Well well, I choose "TASTY"!!!! *both hands & legs wave up in the air*

Life is just too short to miss out on all the yummilicious food!!! Just remember to let your stomach & body rest once in awhile, with the healthier choices of food, and best if you have the determination to EXERCISE!!!! Well, I dun have much, but I do FORCE myself to JOG, sometimes.... =P
Anyways, Bon Appetit!!! =D