Thursday, April 28, 2011


They say "a picture paint a thousand words".... Nuff said.... All the pictures below totally tells you how exactly i'm feeling NOW!!!

Okay, it's late and I can't concentrate of working on my assignment due to my disturbing tummy ache and running in & outta the loo.. I better sleep & hope to get better tmr then use my last bit of 'energy' to rush my assignment.. Wish me luck pls, I totally NEED that!! =\

Thursday, April 07, 2011

All About Cute Kitties....

"Pictures speaks a thousand words"..... Judging from the overwhelming pictures of cute kitties that I posted, it's pretty much self-explanatory... YES, I luv kitties... I still rem when I was a kid, how I liked playing with stray kitties and on some occassions, "brought" them home, only to get lectured by my mummy... LOL... End up, still have to let the stray kitties 'back into the streets'... =(

Many many years ago, I tried keeping a kitty that my kitty-lover-ex-neighbour gave... Only to have it 'ran away from home', in barely few weeks... Cos that kitty was strayed, so it didn't really like to be domesticated I supposed... =X

I love cute little animals, I really do... But not really allow to keep them, mummy doesn't really allow.. So do GC, who is pretty much NOT animal-friendly!! LOL....

Some day, if I ever have my own home, I will want a pet, preferably a few.. But that's if I can afford... =)

A cutie bunny........

And definitely won't mind to have a doggie that looks so supa cute & innocent!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Taipei Taipei... Here I come... (Again)!!! =D

It's less than 6 months since my first 5D4N holiday trip to Taipei with Bff.... And come next Thu, I'm going Taipei for holiday again!!! But this time will be with colleagues, for 4D3N Co. Incentive Trip!! Yay!!! Am praying for the weather to be cool cool and not rain... =X

Happily indulged in "50岚" (which is Koi here in SG) on my first trip last Nov... We had like approximately 2 cups each day! NO supa-long Q (in fact, there's hardly ANY Q at all!!!) and it's much cheaper!! Simply walk past
50岚 at our convenience, ordered within 2mins & got our drinks within 5 mins!!! Hapi or wat!!??!?!!! My colleague oredi reminded that we HAVE to go 50岚!!! It's a MUST have anyways! =D
Another must-have is their flavoured-shaved-ice (like our ice-kachang & all that)... Theirs have loads of variety and their shaved-ice are SOOOO fine de!!! Nice luh!!!! ;)
And also must eat are the taiwan-sausage, duck tongue, pig/duck blood, oyster mee-sua etc, etc, etc!!!! I'm so gonna put on loads of weight again after this trip.... Gosh! When can I ever slim down wor... LOL... =P
Owwwww... It's past 12 midnight again already!?!?!? Lately have been feeling sleepy so damn soon! Can't even hang on till 2am... Sighhh... Old oredi luh! Sad much!!! But I still have to rush 2 assignments which are gonna due less than 3 weeks time!!! HOW!!!?????!!!!!!! Gonna work REAL hard this weekend and get them done, at least half of each! Bless me... -_-"