Friday, October 30, 2009

In the middle of the nite.. Tired... But Can't Sleep Yet...

Once again, I'm updating a blog post in the middle of the night.. Really sleepy, but can't sleep yet.. The hair's still wet & I refused to use a hair dryer to dry my hair!! LOLxx.. So I saw this few pics and decided I can make a 'short story' outta them...

Most of us started alone.. Like on this miserably small, super lonely island... So lost....
Then magically as it may seem... We met 'someone' who 'walked' into our life(s) in such a special way... And the next sweet thing to happen.....
And we made the an Eternal Promise to each other... To walk thru' OUR life journey together, hand-in-hand, no matter how tough or how many obstacles there may be....Then we will live such a HAPPY life together... Till the end of OUR times....
And LIFE should just be as colourful & cool... Like these Popsicles....
And how I wished... all the time... that life could really be as simple as this 'short story'... Too bad, many supposedly simple things... ended up being so complicated... But, no matter what, life will still go on... So continue to stay as happy as you may be!!!! Life is more than just worries!!!! Cheers to Happiness!!!!! =)

Okay, sidetrack... Halloween is coming!!! How are you gonna celebrate?? All dress up as scary as you can & go out scare ppl and party all nite and have so much fun???? Hopefully ah!!! As for me, last year, was the first time in my life that I actually came together with 3 of my BFFs to dress up and go Zouk for the Halloween Party!!! It was quite an experience, but it was really too pack!!!!!! Arrggghhhh!!!! Last year, I tried to dress as a corpse bride (which obviously I failed)... I look so hideous & ugly that when I look at my pic again (see below), I got a SCARE myself!!! LOLzzzz
This year Zouk's Halloween theme is "Villian Ville"... And NOPE, I am not going for the party with the whole bunch of my friends becos... I'm flying off for my BKK holiday trip on the Sat itself!!!!!! Sop Sop told me I should get all dressed up and go around scaring the local ppl there!!!! -_-" But then, I'm going with ppl who doesn't really even give a damn about Halloween!! Haha... So I dun wanna be termed as a lunatic, getting all ghoulie dressed up while everyone else are just so normal!!! Anyways, so The 2 BFFs who are going to Zouk with "The Bunch of Them", enjoy to the fullest (enjoy for me too!)... And I will "drown" myself with cheap & nice food & drinks in BKK while I think of you ALL!!! LOLxxx..

Orite! Time to sleep... Gotta get enuf rest so I can "cheong" all the way for my BKK trip!!! Shopping.. Temples.. Food.. Drinks... HERE I COMEEEEE!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! =P

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Outdated Photos from Outings @ Beds in Sept!

19 September
Finally... A meet up session with one-of-the-best-ex-colleague, Elaine!! Mad happy!!!

And another 'important occasion': Joanne, introducing us her new bf!! So nice!!! They are such a sweet couple isn't it.... So loved... =)


11 September



4 September

Family & Old Friends... =p

Group Pics!!! The bunch of guys & bunch of gals!!!
There with the Guys!!! Played a few round of poker, I'm so lousy at it!!! LOL
Camwhoring moments... ;)

Just a short one....

Super tired.. Plus whole body aching and totally painful legs!!! =_= Had a crazy but fun night on Friday and Saturday had been tiring too.. Went for a $50 Chinese buffet dinner at River View Hotel then Shenton Way Partyworld KTV for almost 5hrs! Couldn't take it anymore so left early to come back & rest.. The BFFs are still happily singing there... LOLxxxx... Washed my hair & waiting for it to dry before I can head off to dreamland.. So here's a short one, with cool pics 'stolen' off Sop's blog! =P

Self-explanatory... There are many parts of our life where we have to go thru' this phase.. And yes, when it's REALLY TIME, it definitely is.. There are just too many greater stuffs ahead to miss out on!!!

This is sooo cute... Reminds me of all my pet hammy.. A little sad too, cos am reminded of my 2 winter whites who have passed on and should be @ a 'better place' right now.. Happy & Peace, do RIP.. I miss u both, really... ='(This is nice! GO ON, give a great, big hug to your loved ones!!! ;)
Most of us would probably have someone whom we have/ever fall head over heels for.. I was once crazily in love with someone.. Do I still, now?!?!?!?
Orito.. My eyes are closing & I've gotta be up early later, to catch a movie "Imagine That"! Long day for me again! Sleepy time now... ZzzzZZZzzzz

Friday, October 23, 2009

More of the nice stuffs (my 'obsessions') !!

There I go again.... "Stealing" pictures off Sop's blog and re-bloggin them here, with my own captions & comments... =) So THIS is definitely NOT plagarism okay! LOL...
Seriously, I REALLY love to sleep... At least I used to.. And I can practically sleep like anywhere, anytime etc... LOL.. No insomnia problem at all, unless I'm really really stressed out or upset or too excited about something... But now, I dun sleep alot cos I spend more of my time online or out having fun!! Well, life is too short to be spending too much of it sleeping, right?!?!?!? =p
And no wonder, i feel that my life is starting to 'fall apart' so easily... cos i'm awake too long a time each day... LOL

Next... A 'gloomy' one...
When I said 'gloomy', it's more becos the pic is on a grayscale.. It would have been really nice if it's a coloured one.. Imagine the beautiful colour of the golden sand, blue-ish-green-ish sea, the white-ish-blue-ish sky... I love everything about the beach, the sea and the sky!! So relaxing...

Anyways, the quotes in this pic is really cool... It's oh so true, cos that's life!!!

Finally, a CHEERFUL one to end off with....

Everbody's life should be as colourful as this muffin!! I'm trying to live mine as colourful and great and happy and fulfilling as it can be!! How about you??? =p

From the vibrant colourings and massive toppings, you can tell that this muffin's definitely taste SO SWEET... And so should our lives... What are YOU waiting for??? Go take a 'bite' of your "sweet muffin" and live a great life! =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Take Note: Article for Beer Lovers!!!!

Some smart college kids actually did an analysis on the different kind of beers on their calories/carb and alcohol content! Just read on and decide which beer you'd wanna order the next time you're on a night's out! =p

But the only thing is that we only have Beck's, Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Heineken and Guinness (which are listed in this article) here!!! LOL.. So, I have omitted the rest of the beer analysis which ain't that applicable to S'pore... We probably never heard of most of them anyways! Hah.. For the full list, you may always refer to the link to the original article.. =)

---------------------- Extracted from Article ----------------------

- Beck's Light (64 cal, 3.8% alcohol, 140.4 cal/alcohol oz) - After we finished this breakdown, we started drinking Beck's Light. And while I didn't love it at first, it's growing on me. Sure it smells a little skunky even when it's fresh. Yes, it's far more expensive than the domestics. And sure, it only comes in bottles requiring an opener to get the lid off (which is a problem, for while we haven't outgrown binge drinking or flip cup, we have outgrown bottle opener keychains and Reefs with bottle opener soles). But it's doing the job. And it's doing it far, far better than any other beer on this list. The calorie-to-alcohol ratio is spectacular to the point of almost being unnatural. I don't know how the Germans did it but, to paraphrase one of the Shamwow Guy's non sequiturs, you know the Germans always make good products.

- Budweiser Select (99 cal, 4.3% alcohol, 191.9 cal/alcohol oz) - I don't think anyone really understands the point of Budweiser Select. Maybe it's like the Coke Zero of the Bud family, if Budweiser is Coke and Bud Light is Diet Coke. But it doesn't taste like Bud Heavy at all. So I don't know. And how does Bud Dry fit into the equation? You know, ALL of these issues would be completely clarified if they hadn't killed off the Bud Bowl.

- Corona Light (109 cal, 4.5% alcohol, 201.9 cal/alcohol oz) - I really like Corona Light. To make my THIRD soda analogy of this list, it's the Diet Dr. Pepper of light beers... it tastes the most like the original. It's definitely the best choice when you're at a Mexican restaurant. Tecate is the worst -- it finished ranked 180th on our list, with 146 calories and only 4.6% alcohol.

To wrap this up with a few other popular beers, Coors Light ranked 19th, Amstel Light 21st, Stella Artois 25th, Bud Light 30th, Busch Light 31st, Colt 45 71st, Bud Heavy 83rd, Heineken 96th, Coors 107th, PBR 115th, Red Stripe 117th, Hefeweizen 124th, Guinness 145th, Corona 165th... and in dead last place, O'Doul's.

[ETA, 10:17 am: A reader named Ryan pointed me to a website called GetDrunkNotFat, which seems to, pretty much, have done this exact same thing. Although their data for Beck's Light is wrong, which throws off the whole balance of the list. The crazy thing is, we Googled this before we started working on it and didn't find them. But you can check them out to see how mixed drinks factor into this equation.]

---------------------- End of Article Extracted ----------------------

The saying goes..... "Life for Beer, Beer for Life"!!! Cheers.....

"Beer is proof that GOD Loves us and wants us to be HAPPY!" ~ Benjamin Franklin ~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My latest 'obsession'... O_o

It has became a daily habit, or rather, obsession of mine, to visit Sop Sop's blog and 'steal' the pics there! You see, how can i resist this obsession when EVERYTHING there is just SOOOOO nice & interesting!!! It comes to a point which I think all these are even more interesting than posting photos of my happenings/outings/activities!!!! LOL... And it's much easier too, no need to sort out or edit, just saved these pics, upload and comment! Sweet!
Enjoy! =p

This is totally cool! Now I UNDERSTOOD why I 'set YOU free' in the first place!
You are just SO NOT WORTH IT!!! ;p

This is for people who always feel that their lives are: so miserable, so unjust, so much unhappiness, so pathetic, so irritated, so resentful, so full of anger etc...


Phew!! I'm glad I'm not any of those mentioned above... at least not anymore??? LOLxxxxx

That probably explains WHY I'm always out ?!?!?!?!?!? =D

This is simple & sweet..
I'm sure many of us want THIS. Simple yet seemingly so difficult. But persevere on, have patient... It will come one day, some day...... *Love is all around...*

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something interesting, extracted & reblogged! =)

I've been really outdated on my postings. The last quarter of the year are always 'busy period' for many, including myself. This year in particular, I have been really busy almost every week, since September. Good thing is that I'm so occupied with happy activities all the time, but bad thing is that I have lack of quality rest, resulting in the panda eyes, terrible eyebags & serious fatigue. =.=

Alright, enjoy the below images then ('stole' them off Sop Sop's blog again! LOL). Anyways, I shall find time to post about my recent activities (Sep-Oct), once I managed to finish sorting out the photos! =p

These 2 are really good.. Quite inspirational.. =)

This is what many of us may be feeling... I feel this way too...

I really love this one..

This message is a really good one, to reach out to all those drunk drivers!
Last but not least.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ah Poh's Bday Bash on 25.09.09 @ Sabai

At first, I was still thinking that I dun wanna post about Ah Poh's birthday celebration already, cos I am REALLY, REALLY upset with HIM!!! Last Sat, he was suppose to meet me up for my-bday-make-up-dinner, but in the end, he said he gotta have dinner with family. fine. Then he was supposed to join me at Dbl O, but whole night he was MIA.. No sms to me, no calls. I sms him, totally no reply... until TODAY! He only smsed Gerald and apologise saying that his friend celebrating bday decided to change venue and then his hp was in the locker the whole freaking Sat nite that he couldn't reply any msgs... I was like... WTH.. Shouldn't he have oredi knew he had to sms??? So upset, can!!! But anyways, loads of photos of the night posted below.. Photos was taken quite well, so I thought I might as well just post em'! LOL..

*Kisses* Isn't Ah Poh so FORTUNATE!!! ;p

6 bottles of Martell for the night! At least he bothered to order beer for me since I don't really drink Martell... O.o

The whole bunch of peeps who turned up for his celebration!!! And he was still worried that he there won't be many ppl joining the celebration!!!!
The Birthday Cake! Nice~ There were a few ppl celebrating their birthday that night so all of them were holsted up the stage for the birthday song and then, the drinking!!!
I don't really like Thai discos, perhaps it's partly becos I've been going too often last time! -_-"
Nonetheless, Ah Poh chose the place and it's his birthday, so I just went ahead.. But I didn't stay long, after the cake-cutting session, I headed down to join BFFs at Zouk!!!
Happy Birthday Ah Poh!!!
(And I'm still upset with u!)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another Year Older.... -_-"

And yes, moi birthday is officially over... my "21st" birthday!!! LOLx... But 'unofficially', I just had my birthday dinner outing with my poly pals!!! And tmr, I have another dinner with cousie & her bf... Nice!! So looking forward cos it's like the first time we ever go out for a dinner together! Should be quite enjoyable... ;p

Sop Sop who didn't turn up for my party last night is also trying to make up to me by meeting up for lunch on Sat... sweet... And my Ah Poh also supposed to meet me for dinner at night, he better kept to it... We wanna have foie gras!!!!!! *yummy*

And I've been so so so so outdated on my postings! Probably cos there's too many activities, too little time! But i enjoy the every moment of my life!! Work hard, play hard! Life's too short to be missing out on all the fun!!!

Alright, will try to post all the remaining photos for September's activities soon!! Else, how would I be able to post all my birthday celebrations photos!!!!!!! I really appreciate the fact that there's so many great people around me... Great family, great friends, great colleagues etc.. I'm really so so so blessed!!!!

HAPPY (21st) BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF!!!! May I stay young, healthy and happy always... And may all the great people around me be blessed with the same!!! See, I'm so nice, I share my birthday wishes with everyone!!!

And once again, thanks to all the great people for the birthday meals, gifts and wishes!!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A short trip to JB on 19.09.09

Went on a short trip with Ger, Evon, Jas & Jer (yes, I'm to odd one.. ;p).. Jer drove us all to the Woodlands checkpoint, then we proceed on foot & bus into JB City Square!

Had lunch @ City Square Kenny Rogers.. Each couple shared a half-chicken meal while i myself took a quarter-chicken set! Not too bad, but I still think the one in S'pore is nicer... ;)

Well, as you can see, me & gerald are sitting at one side, while Jer, Jas & Evon at our opposite side.. And u know why?? Cos they said we 2 are fat, so need more space, thus the 3 of them shall sit together... -_-"

Being abit 'bo liao' before the food arrived...The hand with a black band on the wrist is Jas's, clockwise down is Jer's, Moi's, Ger's, then Evon's... Okay, so Jer has the tannest hand, I have the biggest hand (as a female) and Evon has 'baby hands'!! *so envy*

Our sumptous dinner @ 'Da Ma Hua Yuan'!!! Cheap & good! Boy, I'm missing the butter crayfish so much oredi!!! O.o

After the dinner, we 'chop chop' rushed back home and get prepared for the night's gathering with Jo & her bf who is just arriving to S'pore for the first time and she wanna introduced him to us... so sweet of her! ;)